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Unlock Your Potential | LesleyFall

Finding Your Potential

Jul 14th 2010 at 12:09 AM

My business is Unlock Your Potential.

By necessity this will always start by identifying what that is.

  • Some clients already own a business and know what they want to achieve but are having trouble getting to the end result.
  • Some clients want to own a business or earn an improved income but don't know how to get past that point.
  • Some clients just know there is much more to life but can't find a way to progress from that point.

These are all people who want to progress in life but something keeps them from moving forward.

I use a technique called EFT (acupressure) to help identify what the client wants (if they don't already know) and then to unblock all the beliefs that have prevented them from already attaining their goals.

Beliefs and Blocks

From the very earliest age we are taught by parents, friends, teachers, colleagues, tv programmes, magazines and newspapers, advertisers, partners, colleagues, healthcare professionals, the internet and many many more what to think. However much you believe you are an independant thinker there are outside influences that over many years have helped form your independant thought.

Although you may like to think you deserve more income for instance if your sub conscious is saying "no only greedy people can be wealthy" then you have a BLOCK to your success which you must change. To UNLOCK your success you must take any emotional charge out of that BELIEF.

Often when you start to uncover one belief it will lead on to many many more!

Much of the ground work is clearing those beliefs and baggage to allow the real you to shine through. Do this and the ideas and POTENTIAL will flood in and you can start work towards your ultimate goals.


Your goal must be something which you absolutely BELIEVE in, DESIRE and have FAITH that it is possible. It is no good deciding that you will swim the channel next week if you can't swim. A better goal in this instance would be learn to swim - believable, desirable and you will have faith that you can achieve it.

Goal setting is crucial but must be done in a way that makes the goals achievable or you will set yourself up to fail before even leaving the starting line.

The Science

Law of Attraction, Power of Positive Thought, EFT, Acupressure all methods to enable you to achieve with ease. ALL backed up by Quantum Physics.

Put very simply everything on and including the Planet we live on is made of energy which vibrates and reacts to other energies. Each cell that makes up our being has a nuleus which is energy. This means that by using EFT to tap on acupressure points whilst focussing on a given issue you can realign that energy and get outstanding results far more quickly than many conventional methods.

If you also use the poitive thoughts to back this up you will attract positive experiences because they resonate with the same energy.

The proof is all around us

How many of the following sound familiar

  • The business person who has made and lost a fortune several times over
  • The entrepeneur who repeatedly starts but never quite follows an idea through to fruition
  • The person who attracts friends with problems
  • The person who goes from one bad relationship to another
  • The person who is contantly ill with one thing after another
  • The optimist who does the lottery every week,prophesises I never win and is always right!

All examples of people indulging in negative thought patterns and behaviours and without changing those thought patterns and behaviours the outcomes will remain the same too.

Look closely at your life, your relationships, your work or business and your health. Check what you have attracted or designed for yourself and decide if you need to take action to change any part of that.


If you are one of the lucky people who does not desire or need to change any part of your life then I send you heartfelt congratulations and the belief that you can continue to thrive and succeed in all areas of your life.

If you recognise that you need help to change and would like to step up the pace of that change then I can help.

Contact me through e-mail at or by my facebook pages of the same name. You can also follow me on twitter @ljfPOTENTial

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Sep 15th 2011 at 7:50 AM by LonnieG
Great message, Lesley! The power of the internet is providing us new and more powerful ways to get our message out to those that can benefit from hearing it. You might like to be aware of this new resource ==> Much continued success to you. ~LonnieG

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