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Finding tincture

Jun 1st 2012 at 2:51 PM

Finding tincture Finding tincture

Hello again, Myla here back again with some more opinions and about bi-polar. Today I’m going to tell you about tincture and how I came to find tincture. I’m also going to cover what made me switch to tincture instead of pharmaceuticals. Now if you have read my blogs before you know that I’m a veteran of bi-polar and also a 2nd gen. I have been diagnosed for about 14 years now official diagnosis was in 99 but I had symptoms as far back as early 90s. I do know a little bit about living with bi-polar 

Medications are for symptoms

Yup, that’s the magic phrase. Medications are for symptoms not causes. And that right there is why I started to re-think how I treated my illness. Pharmaceutical medications are to treat symptoms not causes. Well, I know the cause of bi-polar is unbalanced chemicals in your brain. So let’s check it out. List of symptoms:

· Insomnia---pill for that

· Racing thoughts- pill for that

· Mood swings—one pill sometimes two for that

· Depression—you got it, pills for that

No pill for chemical imbalance. You can see how easy it is to get smothered by prescriptions. I can remember a Dr. asking me to tell him if I had side effects that were bothersome so that he could prescribe me something to help with that. At that point a red flag should have gone off in my brain. Side effects? Bothersome? More medications? Unfortunately at this time I believed everything that Dr.s told me.

Natural Treatments

My journey into natural treatments began in 2005 when I attended school for massage therapy. The school also offered a course for aromatherapy certification. During the course of my studies I came to realize that all medications are derivatives of natural substances. Just separated, diluted chemically altered and mixed almost beyond recognition sometimes. I decided to test my theory that herbs could alleviate and assuage my symptoms just as well if not better than medication, with out the side effects. I did my research and I found a few herbs whose properties I though could help me. I began mixing tea. I’m going to tell you, the internet is your friend if you know where to look. You can find information; it just may not be good. So make sure that you are using a site that you know and trust when looking up herbs.


Making a tea is a good way to test your herbal blend and see if it will work for your symptoms. Teas are simple to make and react quickly in your system. Most teas made with fresh herbs need to steep for at least 10 minutes to leech the water completely. You can sweeten with honey sugar or molasses to taste. Some of the herbs I use tend to be bitter and I will but bee pollen or rose hips in to natural sweeten my tea. Its best to slowly drink your first glass of tea you have no idea it might act quicker than you think. A sedative tea should act in 20 to 30 minutes .If you are not feeling relaxed or some relief of symptoms you can make another glass. But next time use more herbs and make your tea stronger. It is better to start weaker and build up to an amount. Some herbs may bother the stomach or digestive system if introduced in larger doses. (Again, this is why you must do your research.) Stimulant teas may take a little longer to know if they are working. And you might only notice a slight change at first. But don’t give up if you use your teas like you did your medications, every day at the same time, morning and night ,or how ever it works for you, you will begin to notice more energy or more stimulation in your brain, more wanting to do stuff. Now here come the tinctures. Teas are good for testing but for everyday use… They take a long time and can be easily forgotten or pushed to the side. Tincture is the portable and easy way to take your medication on the go. I feel I should say right here again, I will not tell you to quit taking your medications. I am not a Dr or a therapist. I cannot assume responsibility for your actions if you choose to follow my advice. I suggest you check out this information on depression Ok now back the good stuff. Take your herbal tea mix and put it in a GALLON glass pickle jar. Cover your herbs with a clear alcohol 80 proof or higher. (If your herbs are bitter use rum if your herbs are sweeter you can use vodka) This mixture must sit for at least 6 week in a dark cool place. You need to shake your jar every other day, so the herbs get stirred around. After the six weeks is up, you need to strain your tincture to remove all the herbs. I use a nylon stretched over a large mason jar. Once you’ve finished you can throw out the herbal matter an there you have it, Tincture.


Storage of your tinctures is easy. They can be stored t room temperature, out of the sunlight. They must also be stored in glass jars to preserve the properties and to keep them from leeching into your container. As far as dosing with tincture, I just use a standard dropper that comes with a 4 oz. brown glass tincture bottle. Again start with less and build to more as needed. So begin with a half a dropper, if you need more increase to a full dropper, I wouldn’t increase to more than 3 droppers full. At that point, you will want to consider remixing your herbs for tincture. It’s not strong enough to help you and you need to either suck it up, massively dose to get any effect or you need to start again with your herb mixture being a little more concentrated. I would advise the second choice, even though it will take longer. Taking large amounts of tincture, however low the dose, is not good for your system.

There you have it in a nut shell

So you have learned what a tincture is. You now know the difference between teas and tinctures. You know the reason that I don’t use any pharmaceutical drugs to control my bi-polar (medications are for symptoms not for cures) I hope that my information and my story has helped in some way on your own bi-polar journey. Thanks for reading.

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