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3 years ago

Find Something You Like To Do And Make It Pay

Sep 24th 2010 at 9:23 AM

There is a very unfortunate word in the English Language. The name we usually give to work is W-O-R-K. Work isn’t work if you like it, but a lot of people seem to think that to make a living at something, you shouldn’t really enjoy doing it…or why would anyone pay you to do it?

Not so. Do something you like!

That sounds simpler than it is because so many of us have had childhood experiences in which the people who controlled our lives seemed determined to make us do things we disliked. If that’s what your early life was like, it’s natural to assume that’s what the working world is like, too. It isn’t. The world is full of people who are doing what they like to do and making a good living at it. And it isn’t just people in the glamor businesses like advertising, writing, acting, and saving the whales. The trick to learn is that if you like something, you can make it pay no matter what business you are in.

I happen to like languages, and I’ve studied about less than half a dozen of them. One is Spanish. Now, the truth is that you can make a very good living in my business without a word of Spanish. But the superior truth is that you can make an even better living by applying something entirely unrelated, like speaking Spanish to the super juice business. And you can have a lot of fun.

I used my Spanish-speaking ability when I went to Spain as a leader of a business delegation. The main event, in fact, it was published in the local main newspaper.

So by speaking Spanish, I was able to sell a whale of a lot of super juice originated from my own country. That’s putting rule one and rule two together. You don’t stick around just to collect the gold watch. YOU keep changing and learning. And you find something you like and make it work for you – even if it seems totally unrelated to your own business.

Imagine, if I could speak Chinese!!! Now that you have to excuse me…I need to powder my nose!

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