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Everyone Of Us Is Like A

Oct 13th 2010 at 2:46 AM


Everyone Of us Is Like A "TOOLBOX" - Part 2

"Tools - the more you use them the better a workman you'll become".

"Check & re-check your tools to make sure that they are still usable".

"Use your toos often and you'll become more and more familiarised with them and, your skill of using them will improve with time".

"No one knows how to use your tools if you yourself do not know how to".

"Only you can have access to your own tools; no one else could".

"If you, the owner of the tools, are not interested in your own tools, who else would?".

"If you, the possessor of your own tools see no value in your own tools; no one would!".

"if you see no good use for your tools, do not expect others would".

"No one knows what you have in your toolbox except you. And, if even you, the owner, do not what you have in your toolbox; nobody else would".

"Always find more better use for your tools so that they will not become obsolete".

"Learn to market your tools and market them well".

"Some people ended up needing a wharehouse to house their gold because they found uncountable gold-digging use for their tools!

"To dig gold, you'll need to equip yourself with gold-digging tools".

"Alternatively, try turning your tools into gold-digging tools".

"Don't be greedy! Start with digging tin; then, copper; then silver; then gold".

"Lay out all your tools, map a plan on what they can be used for and how to use them and then do just that".

"Learn to hold your tools correctly because that's the most fundamental skill you should have in order to achieve accuracy in achieving what you set out to achieve".

"Tools may look simple but in reality they may not be easy to use".

"Don't compare others tools with yours because they are not the same".

"Other tools may look easier to use or even look better but, covet not! Because they are not made for you".

"Always master your own tools because it's always easier to master your own tools; they'll been with you from the beginning until current".

"Leave behind your tools and you'll find yourself left behind without skills!".

"Think others have better tools than you and got jealous? There's no need to! After all, others may not have what you have that can make you become better than them. And only if you look into your own toolbox thorough enough, you'll realise that you are actually no inferior to others at all. it's just whether you bother to sharpen and upgrade yours tools or not to become as good as others or even better'".

"The more you are able to find markets for your tolls the more valuable they will become. They can even rake in gold for you to even build gold mountain for you, your next generation, your next generation's next generation, so on and so forth."

"Do not under-estimate your tools! You'll never know what surpirse they can lead you to!".

"Someone out there could be admiring the tools you have. It's up to you to find out what you have that others may admire and make a name out of it".

"Do not over-estimate your tools lest you embarrass yourself!".

"Do not share your tools with the wrong person lest they'll be abused or mus-used".

"Constantly add new tools to your toolbox and even upgrade them".

"To prevent your tools from being stolen, keep them safe in a place only known to yourself".

"Do not show off all your tools too readily or otherwise you'll end up with nothing to show anymore".

"Keep the best tools you have for the last resort use".

"Towards the end of your day, remember to pass your tools only to the right person".

"Teach the inheritant of your tools touse them correctly and ethically"

"Take responsibility of your tools! You are the owner and are responsible for what you do with them, how you use them, when you use it and where you use them because you are the owner of your tools!".

"Use your tools wrongly and you'll get the wrong results!".

"Not knowing how to use your tools will get you no results!".

"Organise your tools to avoid confusion and avoid ended up using the wrong tools".

"Organise your tools to avoid not being able to locate them quickly when you need them or you'll regret later!".

"Can't find the tools you need? Blame no one! No one has the access to them anyway except you!".

"Your tools will always be yours until you passed it on to someone".

"Should you fail to pass it on to someone eventually before the end of your day, you'll most likely or less likely to pass it on anymore".

"There's only one possession which you can take with you at the end of your day; i.e. your tools. Why is that so? Because they get locked in you, the toolbox,  when you lose your "key" forever,  The "key" is referring to your life.".


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The End!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Dear Readers,

Thank you for reading! Should you find this posting meaningful,please feel free to forward it to someone you believe it may be beneficial to.

Have a comment? Please feel free! I'd love to hear from you!


Have a happy week!


Warm regards,

Grace Lim


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Jun 1st 2017 at 10:38 PM by jianbin0602
Mar 12th 2011 at 6:27 PM by click_n_bid
Hi! TimRR, Thank you for your encouraging comment...:) Have a great day!
Mar 12th 2011 at 12:09 PM by TimRR
very well done
Nov 16th 2010 at 12:59 AM by click_n_bid
Thanks for your kind comments on my articles, Dave. It's very encouraging for an amateur writer like me. Those thoughts written here are accumulated throughout my life. They helped brave me through many stormy years especially without any form of counsel from anybody wise. I guess they are God-given to keep me going and motivated to live and survive until today.
Nov 13th 2010 at 11:30 AM by thompsonwd40
Grace, that is an excellent source of thoughts that we should keep in front of us. Thank you for sharing.

Everyone Of Us Is Like A

Oct 13th 2010 at 1:31 AM

Dear to ALL my Imfaceplate friends & fans,

A Warm Wednesday Greetings To Everyone of You!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend last week and I would like to wish all of you many smooth sailing and prosperous days throughout!

Here, again, thank you for reading my previous posts, even though they may be written amateurly. Your audienceship has been a source of encouragement for me to keep practising and improve my writing skill. I know that there is a huge room for improvement but I'm still staying positive and motivated on it. Most importantly is the message in the content that I'm trying to convey amidst being so amateur in my writing skill. I hope they are useful in one way or another.

It has been quite a while since my last posting, I have been cracking my head for something to share in this platform but didn't find anything particular until today. I had this inspiration while doing my household chores. This topic 'Everyone of Us Is Like A Toolbox' came through my mind quite suddenly and my mind starts to churn out a long passage which i quickly jotted down to capture what my mind is trying to convey to me and that prompted me to post it here to share with my readers.

I do not know if it would make sense to any of you or not but it seems rather meaningful to me especially it sounded quite true if it could be understood correctly.

The word "tools" which would be mentioned a number of times do not really does not particularly pointo anything but rather it can mean anything such as; talent, instinct,  intelligence, wisdom, knowledge, intellectual properties, know-how skills, etc. and whatsoever. It can mean anything to anybody. It can be interpreted very differently according to individual as after all no two persons are the same.

Alright. Having said so much, I shall now proceed to my sharing;

'Everyone of Us Is Like A "TOOLBOX".'

Everyone of us is born with some form of intelligence, instinct, sixth sense, etc. whatever that can help develop us from the very first day we start to learn something through the infancy stage to toddler stage and then to pre-schooling stage, and then to elementary school stage and all the way up to tertiary education for some people. For those who started out early to join the workforce, this is the time when they will have to put to use their naturally given "Tools" to use starting from trying to get through an interview and later to perform in the job twhich they have been shortlisted to do. However, they may be some people who may choose to start out businesses themselves instead of joining the corporate race. Also they may be some who may prefer to literally do nothing at all throughout their lives. Well, this is really not surprising at all. In addition, there are also some people who cannot do anything even though no matter how much they wished they could. It's very complex. There are always "even thoughs" happening around every now and then and some beyond our imaginations and thoughts. This world is really full of surprises but that's how opportunities sneaked in between and it is up to us to go and hunt out those opportunities but before that we will need to get ready our equipments, equip ourselves further or equip ourselves if we are not equiped. You may have tools but yet still not equipped because most of us did not realise that getting equipped is so important. Why is that so? Because if we do not equip ourselves, we would be caught not ready even if an opportunity were to knock at our doors! Then, we would be missing out even possibily an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity which would only knock at our door just once and never again! Does that makes sense?

Okay....enough for that. Now, let me release the content from my inspiration. They come in the form of quotes for easy reading and remember.

Hope this passage will find favour in its readers.

Happy reading!


Warm regards,

Grace Lim


TOPIC: 'Everyone of Us Is Like A "TOOLBOX".' - Part 1

"No one is born without tools; it's just a matter of quantity and quality only".

"Since you are a toolbox yourself, look no further! Raid your own toolbox for the tools you need to get what you need to get done, done!".

"If your tools should become obsolete, find a new use for the and not throw them away!".

"But if you found the tools that you suppose to have lacking, be humble! Borrow or buy from others!".

"Count your tools; take inventory of them!".

"But if you borrowed the tools from others and then not knowing how to use it, be humble! Learn from its owner!".

"And, if you found your own toolbox to have repeated tools, this is propbably what you can do; exchange it with others, loan it to others, rent it to others, give it to others, or sell it to others or otherwise, just keep it till you may one day need it".

"If you got the tools you need but they are too blunt to use, have them sharpened yourself or hire someone to sharpen it for you".

"Tools are meant to be used and not chuck away for keepsake! Use them or they'll soon turn badly rusty".

"To keep your tools effective, sharpen them regularly".


.....see Part 2/-




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