Ethical Hacking Course – Trends in Ethical Hacking Careers

May 15th 2015 at 2:36 AM

Before taking up an ethical hacking course, getting a grasp of the trajectory of ethical hacking as a career helps. Emerging technological trends have dictated a new set of skills for ethical hackers. Every decade undergoes technological paradigm shifts that alter the course of this career stream. Although glamorous and highly paid, professionals are required to have high technical, functional and business acumen.

Application security testing – web and mobile

Jobs in this area are on the rise. The increase in mobile phone usage and proliferation of web applications has created more jobs. The number of mobile devices has crossed a billion. Interestingly, only a small percentage, which is 10%, of these many devices is undergoing the quality assurance phase. Therefore, this is one of the high potential areas to master.

Automation of mobile and web testing

Now that there are several players doing this activity, mobile and web testing is undergoing automation. As prices go down, and quality goes up, there is a need for qualified automation penetration testers. So learning an automation tool that is being used extensively helps.

Business logic testing is gaining prominence

A hacking course is not just about testing networks and systems, it is also about understanding the business logic that drives systems. For this, ethical hackers should gain a deep understanding of the domain. The effort is to identify the logical flows that drive technological processes inside the organization. For example, if an automated process has a faulty script, it could create vulnerabilities in a system. So the onus of the IT security or web application security expert is to understand the genesis of the problem.

Code review and architecture review

As part of a software development process, review of programmatic syntax and code is done to validate the optimality of code. But as the area of expertise of an ethical hacker is not limited to just testing networks, intranet, extranet; this professional can conduct code reviews too. The procedure involved here is to single-out vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers to sabotage or gain entry into the system. As part of this process, a look at the software architecture is conducted. If required, the architecture is revamped with a more robust and fool-proof one.

Understanding code is important

Running scripts is passe. Understanding code, logic, design is critical to prevent sabotage. Ethical hacking is getting tougher as non-ethical hackers are getting smarter. Every fortnight, products upgrade with patches and fixes to fend off malware. Being on top of this knowledge trajectory is critical for success. Being in the know of the latest trends and technological paradigms helps build solutions for an organization and gain credibility. Most if not all organizations want to recruit talented ethical hacking professionals. They want to pay handsomely to ethical hackers who can safeguard their business. Therefore, for an aspirant, an ethical hacking course is the first step in the right direction.

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