Enter an Effervescent and Rewarding Quality Assurance Career with Manual Testing Training

Feb 18th 2015 at 1:42 AM

A manual testing training program is a gateway for aspiring testers to enter into evergreen quality assurance careers. At a high level, software testing is essentially the validation and verification of a system – in this case, the system is software. The testing process is to verify if the software is working as per the requirements of the customer. Testing is done from ground-up or from the top-down approach. It can be done from a module level, or from an application level. Depending on the purpose, a combination of testing methodologies is utilized.

Testing types and their definition

The following is a look into the prevailing testing types in the industry.

  • Functional testing – It is the verification if a software system works as defined in the requirements. Validation is done if all the functional components are working together in unison. Real world parameters are used to adjudicate the efficacy of the application's functional prowess.
  • Parametric testing – Full range of parameters is used to pass as inputs to validate if an application can process these inputs, and output expected results or messages as stipulated in the requirements. Software quality testing is all about validating compliance of a system to customer requirements.
  • Fault tolerance testing – When illegal or out-of-range parameters are passed, the software should not malfunction. This type of testing validates a software system's behavioral stability when confronted with unusual inputs, which could include parameters, environments etc.
  • Integration testing – In a situation when different sub-systems are being developed in parallel and they need to be integrated, they need to function cohesively. This aspect is validated in integration testing.

  • Regression testing – Modifications to one module can affect other modules. Regression testing validates that a system does not have such issues.

Career outlook for software quality assurance engineers

Software quality assurance or testing is tightly coupled with software development. In some companies, software testers are called software engineers given the close coupling of this function with product development and product management functions. Therefore, as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this function will continue to grow at about 20% for the next decade.

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