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Enlightenment And Greed

Jan 10th 2011 at 8:13 AM

Enlightenment is like wild horses running free with spirit and soul.

They have patience and with patience you achieve kindness and with kindness you achieve love you are content, content with yourself and life itself, You then are able to open your heart to the world and life around you, you start to see and set yourself free!

Free from greed, hatred, ignorance, and envy, once you are free from all of that is when you are truly Enlightened and at peace with yourself and others.

Take a long look around and take in everything that goes on in our world, our schools and right in front of our own noses! Children and their families lose their homes while other children complain about not getting enough for Christmas or how they did not get that 90 dollar pair of jeans, iPhone etc.

We are raising are children to be wasteful and greedy that's so sad because so many many children can not even eat today!

We live in these huge houses and drive nice cars as a status symbol. Really? Do you really like the car you drive are you comfortable in the clothes you wear? I drive a lifted jeep with a huge sticker on the hood! Why? because I like it. Not because my friends like it or I have to impress everyone. What I'm trying to say is do what you feels is right not what someone else feels or what they may think of you. I work from home and you always here people say "Oh that could never be done! "You have to work for the man 9-5 and make him rich! Yeah right! Fat chance I say!

I am retired at age 32 how many can say that, I own my own home and have no dept and I am happy. You must be happy now with what you have because if you are not no amount of money or friends in the world will work.

Be happy in your own skin not in others or live in fear of what people may think or say about you. Live your own life and be your own boss, lose the fear and people telling you that you can not do it and say don't you think everyone would be doing it? The answer is NO!! They do not try and they do not have any belief that they can, they were always told the sky was blue well to them the sky always will be blue because someone else told them so!

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