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End Time Knowledge of the Elect via Divine Guidance

Jan 13th 2012 at 6:52 AM

The Way of Faith is trusting God

Noah was living in a society much like ours is today, corrupt and filled with violence and evil. Only Noah is said to have walked with God, to have found favor in the Lords eyes at that time. Noah had accepted God as his friend. So one day God shared His thoughts with Noah about His plan to destroy his creation. God also told Noah what he must do to avoid the fate that was to hit earth and everything on it. Being well acquainted with God, Noah trusted God and started building the ark according to God’s instructions. (Ge. 6:13-22)

How do you think the people of that time reacted to the building of ark? They most certainly viewed Noah as being off his rocker, a lunatic, a doomsday prophet, especially since he could not give a specific date for this calamity to start. But once the ark was completed, (Ge. 7:4) God gave Noah a specific date for the flood to start and the time it was to go on and told him to enter the ark. By then it was too late for others to follow suit.

Now what can we glean from this account?

1. 1.God/the All that IS, shares His thoughts and plans with his elected friends.

2. 2.He personally instructs them as to how to avoid a coming calamity.

3. We have to fully trust His Voice/Message and follow instructions to the letter,     EVEN IF those don’t make any sense to us at the given moment.

4. 4. In His time God will let us know the full Truth.

FAITH is being SURE of what we hope for and CERTAIN of what we do not see. (Heb.11:1) For me the letter to the Hebrews is a complete summary about the way of faith in God, in All that IS.

Now, most certainly the building of the ark could not be accomplished in secret, it was open for all to see. It also could not have been done within a day or two. Though Mat.24:39 tells us “they knew nothing about what would happen”, I’m sure Noah did not keep quiet about why he was building it. Yet nobody took his message to heart.

We who are living today have also been given a very detailed account of our future in the Revelations of Apostle John, yet it still seems to be a closed book to most, in spite of the fact that John was instructed not to seal up the words of this prophecy. Many have tried to interpret Johns visions from their worldly minds, causing more confusion and more unbelief. But bit by bit, those things start happening. Those who “walk with God” today are asking Him personally to explain what puzzles them, and HE, always true to His Word, answers them, shows them, guides them. What seemed obscure, is now becoming light.

Scripture tells us that nobody will know the exact time and date of the Lords second coming (Mat.24:42). But Scripture also warns us to keep being prepared, alert, on the look-out and be ready for it at any time.

Some now reckon that 2000 years of waiting and watching has been long enough. They give up their hope, their readiness. So, as in the days of Noah, life goes on as normal until that day suddenly is upon us, unexpectedly.

Many more are proclaiming it will be in December 2012. That assumption comes from channeled messages, so-called visions, false prophets and astrology.

Another lot of people shrug it off their shoulders as rubbish which they don’t want to hear about at all. They have turned their back on God’s Word.

Yet, as Noah was told 7 days ahead of time, Abraham was told about Sodom and Gomorrah beforehand and Lot was warned in advance, so Gods elected people will not be kept in the dark. They will know ahead of time since the Lord even promised that in Mal 4:5+6


Only He, the Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last, can give that answer. Scripture ends with the words: “Yes, I am coming soon”. And right up until today, 13 January 2012, He says: Get ready, be prepared!

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