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Empower Your Thinking with Healthy Mind Food

Jun 11th 2013 at 8:31 AM

In today's world, so much negative information  surrounds us daily that it's a wonder how anyone can stay focused.

The T.V. radio, new paper etc. will continue to deliver great amounts of information constantly.  But the kinds of information that pours from  t.v. and radio can and does influence your thinking. It influences the way you think and what you constantly think about.

positive saying

The kinds of information you allow your mind to take in is the determining factor that affects your focus, your decisions and the directions you take in life.

Weather it be in your business  or personal life, being focused and staying focused is all so very important so that you can make progress toward your purpose and  the goals that you have set  for yourself.

Therefore it is most important that you be aware of the fact that certain kinds of information is not beneficial for the mind.

It is important to realize that certain kind of information is not  healthy  and can be dis-empowering and a source of distraction to the mind.

So considering this fact..........there is an ever important need  to choose the right kinds of information that you allow to constantly enter into your mind. It is very important be conscious of the kinds of information that you expose your mind to.

The Mind is an Amazing mechanism................ brain

When your mind works one way, it can carry your forward to outstanding success. But on the other hand the same mind when operating in a different manner can produce a total failure.

The mind is what the mind is fed. (Mind food). Mind food is your environment and all the countless information which influences your conscious and subconscious thought.

It’s what influences the decisions you make and the directions you take in life. The mind reflects what it's environment of information feeds it just as the body reflects the physical food you feed it.

The kind of mind food information you consume determines your habits, attitudes and beliefs.

The size of your thinking, your goals, your attitudes and your beliefs are formed by your environment and the information your mind feeds on.

Everyone has a certain capacity to develop, in areas of your life, personally and in business. How much of that capacity you develop and the way you develop that capacity depends on the kind of information you feed your mind. Your thought process, or the way you think determines the choices you will make.

If you want to achieve better results in your  life or in business  you must become environmentally conscious of the kinds of information you allow your mind to feed on.  Avoid thought poison in all forms.

Make your environment work for you.imagesmedtate

Get plenty of psychological sunshine.  Discover new and stimulating mind food information to feed your mind.  Be in control and choose the kinds of information your mind will feed onbookssmile

Get in the habit of reading healthy mind food information daily, as this will combat the negative propaganda of poisonous information that floats around in the environment.

Associate with positive and successful people.

Repeat Positive thoughts until your mind repeats them back to you.

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