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Education and Teen Issues – How to Tackle them En masse?

Apr 24th 2015 at 5:14 AM

Teenage is the time when the body of an individual goes through certain changes, physically as well as mentally. The consequences and results of such changes and transformation are observed and highlighted in the daily activities and routine life. Teenagers become active, hyper, super stressed, mentally challenged and completely aloof, appreciating seclusion and aloofness. The reason behind is that, the strains put on them from various sides and dimensions are not able to quantify. The high school pressure, the academic tensions, peer pressure and lastly, in some cases the parent-teenagers quarrels and disagreements. All such situations make it difficult for the teenagers to concentrate and focus on a single issue or even in their academic life. They tend to seek help from the parents, but as mentioned earlier some parents fail to realize that their teenage might be going through transformations which have made them this way. The poor academic results, the constant complaining from the teachers and the everyday warning notes have made the parents head hot, but fail to understand that they might be doing something wrong and different at their part which have resulted in some scenario. So, as parents, do not try to put the blame on them completely, you are equally responsible for all the ongoing displeasing and undesirable activities going on. The result of everyday teen pressures and problems are observed and shown in the academic results and educational spheres. Therefore, try to be efficient in tackling such challenges as all parents face such issues when their children reach the age of teen.

The mutual bond

The creation and initiation of bond between your teen and yourself is not a process of a single day, rather maintain a family tradition of sitting and chatting with each other at the end of the day. Make sure you allow your young children to sit with you after dinner and talk about various happenings and events. You might not be aware of this, but you are developing an everlasting bond which will be helpful in the later years of your child. So when your teen faces certain issues, they can directly come up to you and talk to you about topics bothering them.


Your teen requires your constant assistance and guidance 24/7. No matter how old your child gets, they will always be in the need of your consideration and help. So make sure, you instruct them with your various life experiences. Be thoughtful and allow you to indulge in a deep philosophical discussion with your teen that might be in relation to the academic world or even non-academic issues.

Encouragement and participation

If your teen is performing poorly in academic, then there must be a reason behind it. Help them with their homework at home and revise the lectures with them, but do not let them be that much dependent on you. Let them go through their assignment paper themselves and encourage question based discussions and exercises.

Resolve nonacademic issues


If you are tired of receiving constant complaints from school, then dig down to the main reason behind such detrimental act. They might be having certain focus issues, friend’s problems or they might be entangled in such social challenged that you are unaware of. So make sure you are always there for them to resolve the non-academic issues that have a direct impact on educational life.


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