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Easy and convenient marketing isn't always Easy

Nov 27th 2010 at 12:49 PM

Work always has its rewards. This is true in anything you do. At home,in the corporate world,your relationships and in every area of our lives. It's sad because so many people settle for less because they only commit to easy and convenient. They keep themselves from reaping the real benefits all because they want to avoid difficulties. More and more people fail in marketing because they are fooled into believing it's easy,convenient and FREE. They take that word literally only to find out its just not true. Nothings Free. No one is going to work for you,give it to you or let you have anything. Your going to have to work. I thought everyone knew that. Even if it takes just your time,to me that's worth even more then a dollar. If I lose a dollar I can get it back but every minute lost is a minute gone. You can't get back time so make it work. I tell my daughters all the time "Don't expect life to be easy because its not its Life but don't make it harder by trying to avoid difficulties. You become the difficult one,become the one to deal with,never quit and always be willing to fight for what you believe."

This has backfired in my face with our 3 year old Bailey who believes she gets what she wants when she wants it. She is definitely learning to be the difficult one,the one to deal with and I promise she never quits and is always willing to  fight for the candy she believes in;)  Me and my wife had been giving our 14 year old daughter,Lexi, a hard time because she never brought school books or school work home. She was staying after school and spending a lot of her free time practicing cheers. We fussed at her constantly. We told her if her grades suffered no more cheerleading. Grade cards came out. She made all A's and B's. She finally explained to us that she was studying and finishing all her work at school to avoid bringing books home and to free up more time for practicing her cheers. We talked to her teachers and they confirmed this. They were impressed with her work ethic. So my next question to her was "Why didn't you just tell us this when we were fussing at you?" She looked right at us both and said "I don't know but it felt good proving myself to you." Lexi worked harder at school to free up more time for practice. She knew she had to keep her grades up or she would not be aloud to be a cheerleader. She could have given up cheerleading or just practiced on weekends. That was not good enough she loves cheerleading and wants to be great. So she worked harder at school so she could free up sometime to work harder at cheerleading. In doing so she reaped the rewards. Her grades were excellent,Her teachers were impressed, WE were very proud and she is an excellent cheerleader. Jessie our 20 year old is in her 2nd year of college. When she graduated she was turned down for financial assistance due to missing one to many days of school her senior year. She had to come up with her tuition in order to enroll. Jessie got a job, saved over the summer and got enrolled that fall. She continued to work as she went to school saving her money. By the end of here first semester her grades were good enough that she qualified for a $5000 grant. Either one of my daughters could have took an easy more convenient road, but instead they both took there difficulties head on and are now reaping the rewards .

 Always remember there is no reward for starting something and there is no reward for quitting either but if you are diligent and put forth the effort you will reap the rewards. My daughters know this and it makes my heart happy to see how they now apply it to there own lives. I guess they were listening sometimes. Due to what I like to call the devils attack, my life did not start out great. I was lead down the wrong roads. They took little or no effort and at the time they seemed much easier and convenient. As for the season of my life now I am living in the rewards of the of years of work and diligence  it took to get me back on the right track. I have always been a christian but in april 2001 I rededicated my life to Jesus Christ and have never Looked back. I may have started wrong but I am headed to an AWESOME finish with God in charge of it all. Now I use all my past experiences to do what I was called to do by helping others. Through my marketing efforts or through my everyday life knowing I am doing what I am supposed to do is a great reward. I want to remind you my rewards did not come quickly. It took years for me to get wrong and it took me years to get right. I used to feel like I was standing still and nothing was changing when in reality things that needed fixed in my life were getting fixed. I tell people this so when you start to struggle because you see nothing happening,be patient. Even if you are moving forward an inch at a time your making progress. When it comes right down to it and things do seem impossible you will have 2 choices give up or go on. Simple. If you give up well that's that but if you choose to go on not only will you reap the rewards of success but you can encourage many others who may be faced with the same choice's you had to make. If you want to succeed in marketing it starts with you. No matter what program,business or opportunity you decide to become apart of remember that no matter what any one will try to tell you their business or opportunity is only as good as the people who work it. ALWAYS be thorough when checking them then become the one that takes it from good to GREAT!

I would like to end this with one more story that was shared with me that really sums this all up "In ancient times a king placed a boulder in the middle of the road blocking anyone from passing. He hid near by to see if any one would move the boulder. Many people came to the boulder in the road. They all walked around it. The king could hear some of them actually blaming him for not keeping the road clear but never did anything to move the boulder. Finally a merchant with a load of vegetables came along. He put his vegetables down and began trying to move the boulder to the side of the road. Finally after pushing and shoving for sometime the merchant moved the stone. as he picked up his vegetables he noticed a purse laying where the boulder had been. It was filled with gold coins and a note from the king. It said " This is for the person who moves this boulder." To anyone with a boulder that needs moved in there life keep pushing,once you get it to roll the momentum will take over and the boulder will move all by itself. To your success,

Bradley G aka oposit

Helping others help each other so we can all succeed!

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