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Don't Have Command & Control

Sep 21st 2010 at 9:46 PM

We actually don't command nor control others. That actually compounds our complexities and makes it an ever-greater challenge to dig one's self up and out of a continuing situation.

Yes, you may very well be in command and control of the things that you personally, Glory in about yourself that are on your plus ledger. However, how about those areas of your life, that we all attempt to sweep under the proverbial rug! You know the negative ledger entries that add up though we're not the one's accounting for them.

The errant attempts we at times commit to in attempts to command and control others and the events that we knowingly and unknowingly don't have authority over. It Comes with the experience and sane acknowledgment. As one wise man, attempted to drive into this thick skull, it'd seem to be a Decillion times. For those that don't know, Decillion may still be the highest know numericlal number acknowledged and is [hold on for a sec., that's thirty-three = this number of zeros behind any whole number, say 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 . that's a Decillion!]

Everyone has their personal accountability in percentage of lesser or greater in amount or volume of Command and Control Issues to be dealt with in order to grow and become at peace with one's self. Depending on the responsibility issues each of us deals with on a daily basis, then multiple that by the number of persons and personas we encounter thay day.

Transference of blame and fault interact with our need for command and control of others. As their non-compliance to adhere to what we want. Wants make everything even more complexed to impossible. Very similar to everyone in the dark attempting to demand that everybody listen to what they have to say simultaneously. Could you; would you even need to imagine such a hellish non-productive circumstance.

Your Challenge, my Challenge is to Prioritize the Immediate Cause of our Problems.

And No, No, No, Nanette _ it's Not the other person nor persons. It's you vs you; as it's me vs me! That's the Stark Reality that 100% of  business mindsets struggle in bringing their imperfections into their corporate world Real-Life, Real-Time. Within that 100%, there's the greater percentage that just doesn't yet have the Handle to the Knowledge, wisdom and Understanding to Correctly Focus on where the Command and Control must be 100% applicable completely for 24|7|364.25 cycles.

That old man told me, you don't live long enough to make all your mistakes; so, looking at others mistakes should be a learning process to take on.

Man, for the longest time I was Guilty as charged concerning my continuum attempts to change others. In the classic Einstein statement: "The Definition of Insanity is repeatedly doing the same thing over and expecting a difference end result." or something to that affect|effect.

We're an American nation that has Shifted solely to blaming other for our problems. I can feel it coming, the noir-comedy relief speaks; "You cannot dispute without being errant, our medical system treats the effects 99% of the time to Getting to the Cause. Which would Command and Control, the Immediate Problem(-s)." A change in the manner and matter of doing business greatly improves the end result in the constructive productivity of yorur success journey.

If not eliminating the Cause; at least, become at peace with the Causer, thus, changing the results from within rather than from without! The enemy wiithin doesn't have to Remain an enemy.

That's one Issue you and I do Greatly have Total Command and Control over. Now, believe it or not you hold to Key to Operate the start to Change for your betterment! Start and Don't Stop 'Til you Get Enough!

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