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Does IM Consider the following to be Spam?

Sep 28th 2010 at 12:23 AM

Do we actually treat each and every commuication as a separate entity, each and every time in Earnest? Are we confident to confess errant actions? To really make improved long standing changes help everybody we can in contact with. This is about each doing what's right not to please one another; Only to doing the correction thing will Assure the structural longevity of what we all have here! [This is solely the point-of-view from: james l burnett jr | onqglobal 28SEP10TUE]

[#XTG-230465]: Does IM Consider the following to be Spam?

 Reply |Member Support (Rick S.) to me
show details 12:41 AM (2 hours ago)

from Member Support (Rick S.)


date Tue, Sep 28, 2010 at 12:41 AM
subject [#XTG-230465]: Does IM Consider the following to be Spam?

hide details 12:41 AM (2 hours ago)

Yes, like I said, your intentions were honest ... but unfortunately a lot of people really jump the gun when it comes to what they perceive as spam.  I would just suggest that you not put any links in your first contact with somebody.

Have a great day!

Rick S.
Logiscape Support Services

NOTE:  This reply may contain sensitive information and is intended solely for your eyes only.  Publication of this reply in whole or in part anywhere in the public domain, or to any individual, is strictly prohibited and will result in account deletion without notice.

Ticket Details
Ticket ID: XTG-230465
Department: IM faceplate Support
Priority: High
Status: Closed


This is the Archetype Reason for first and the second contact which is Addressed above... It's in its entirety:

Sep 19th 2010 at 7:26 PM from you
Reviewed your brief note and thought that I'd learn about your intent|word coupling [if you will]. I've been introduced to this and prior to bringing into one of the public forum of our IM faceplate community I'm taking a Care-Perusal approach, Especially since I've Blasted the presentation of across IM faceplate. I Believe it's a Full-Fledged Scam, which shows the peaches'n'cream storefront. However, I'm On Record about their 'Posted' General Conditions which was in my recent Shout It, which is recorded on IM facep;ate activity log for all our community members to see now and for future members to come. Now, with all that said, would you Perusal this entity [ ] and let's compare notes about what we both think about tnis entity's data-info . . . the Cons and Pros, et cetera. What do you say about that? My faceplate:

__________________________ As of 28SEP10TUEX1141hrs. EDT I'm await their Permisson to use name and|or moniker in the bringing as an actual occurrence of the many issues within the Problem and the Premise barriers from both sides that may fuel the misunderstandings that may be Avoided within Dealing with the Simple Fact(-s) apart, thus divided from personal diligence of all premise judgments.

Sep 28th 2010 at 8:41 AM from you
Created an Article addressing the my handling... In the Interest of personal perception. I'm notifying you of my Intent to Address an on going issue in on-line communication and comprehension of what is being ask of another's time and resource(-s) within our IM faceplate community. Using my archetype private message to you which date|time stamped. In the event that I don't have your personal Permission to include your name|moniker in the expansion of the article. That has already been published, however, the published portion of the article labeled: Presently the article Only addressed the Answer and has no mention of any entities by name or moniker being involved. What I'd Luv to Do is make it a Whole Process showing the 'Why' of my asking for a counsel of IM faceplate's assessment. Not for personal justification to show me as being correct or having no fault. It was for me a real-life, real-time check and balance approach to be a better personal judge. In using a greater expansive window in addressing subjects, and no knowing in advance their personal attachments and aversions in experience, feelings, et cetera. Which just may cause a misunderstanding that may be Avoided, by presenting a simple check-down of what, how, why, when, where, as these components may be relevant to the pertinent subject at hand. What's your feedback?   

For Now This Will Remain In Its Generic Form Pending Approval...

Please to comment
Oct 21st 2010 at 2:02 PM by jjbreunig3
When I 'blog' my poetry, I include a link to my marketing page; I recognize that people have the option to ignore or click on the link. Occassionally some people get upset and accuse me of 'spamming'; the reality is that I'm NOT spamming. And here's why...

1) I'm not generating unwanted e-mails, for I'm not collecting e-mail addresses.
2) I'm not sending people to multiple locations to 'learn more about me'.
3) I don't follow up with people, asking them why they chose to ignore my link.

--Joe Breunig
Reaching Towards His Unbounded Glory
Oct 7th 2010 at 3:29 AM by ecco1729
It is an unwritten rule not to ask people to sign up for one or another business in the first contact.
Oct 1st 2010 at 2:54 AM by sbadvt
Honest Intentions & Spam Creation Intentions must be distinguished first !!

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