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1 year ago

Do You Want To Earn

Jul 10th 2010 at 10:13 PM

Do You Want To Earn?

This is a very simple question.
Most people will answer YES.

The problem is

  1. The desire is not strong enough for them to come out of "Comfort Zone".
  2. The work ethics. One has to Learn to Earn and then put the learning to use.
  3. The Path that you choose. Most people struggle to find a Path and get disappointed.

My sincerest suggestion is

  1. Find a successful person who is willing to invest his time with you.
  2. Accept him as your "Guru".
  3. Learn from him
  4. Practice what he does and do it passionately.

The Importance of a Guru.

Let me show you a magic. A real secret to success.
Are you ready ??
Here is the magic.
Observe this picture carefully.

This is a logo which you must have seen many times.
Have a good look.
Done ???
What did you see ???
Did you see an arrow in the logo ? NO ?
Look at it again.
Do you see it now ?
Those who could see it on their own without knowing about it from before are the people who have VISION. All the organisations are looking for people like you. Go ahead and succeed.
99.5% including me could not see it.
We need directions, guidance or help from some one who has seen it or has been shown and who can show it to others.
This is the role of a guide, a teacher, a coach or a mentor in any field.
Guidance comes to those who are seeking it. Congratulations to these people because they will also succeed.
Yet, there are many people who will not seek guidance or coaching or help from anyone and will give up after sometime. These people fill up the numbers in any organisation and will barely contribute to the growth. They will remain average unless they are ready to change themselves.

Coming back to seeing the arrow.
Is there really an arrow ?
Yes there is. Someone showed me and I can show you if you really want to see. Just contact me.

Did you get the message ? We do require a Guru who can show us the path, guide us and help us.



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Jul 29th 2010 at 6:29 AM by aditya
Thank you Chuck for the appreciation
Jul 27th 2010 at 7:34 AM by ChuckBartok
Great Article Aditya... Why do so many feel a reluctance to Ask for Help? and Ignore it when received. I do see a slight shift in attitude with more being Open and Honest in seeking help and realizing that it is not always FREE. In fact, my clients who understand value seem to succeed more quickly!

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