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Do You Accumulate Too Much Stuff?

Feb 27th 2011 at 3:22 PM

  As we have been working on our house we took the carpet in our dining room. We knew that our house had been built in the 1930's and had been added on to, and in fact is about double the size that it was originally. However, we found removing the carpet that our dining room had once been the kitchen. A very small and cramped  kitchen at that. We determined this because of the layout of the hardwood floor clearly showed where the cabinets and plumbing had once been.

 Our house, as are many in the neighborhood, was once very small. Then the thought struck me where did the people who lived here when the house was first built put all their stuff?

Well, the answer is they did not have as nearly much stuff. Look at most older houses, and you will see  closets were very small or in some cases non-existent.There was no need because they did collect large wardrobes of clothing and would store clothes in a chest of drawers.  Of course they would not have televisions, computers, stereo units, microwaves, and other more modern appliances, that we think we can not do without. We need bigger and bigger houses for our huge massive collections of stuff.
  But, do we really and truly need all our stuff! Smaller houses would be much cheaper to maintain, less expensive to heat and much easier cool. Also, think of all the money saved not buying and collecting all that the stuff in the first place. Stuff also costs money, time and patience to maintained. We buy stuff because we are convinced we need it and some cases maybe we do, however most of us have a closet, garage or a rented storage facility  full of stuff we don't use.

 Face it, if you don't use it you did not need it meaning you wasted your money and your stuff is worthless to you. The only value any item has is how much use or enjoyment you can derive from it. When there was a time you could not afford to have stuff, it was more valuable because you would only get what you needed. The more collections of stuff we have the less value it has to give us.

As stuff accumulates it will begin  take up your personal space, fill your home with junk and clutter up your mind. Some people think about their stuff, worry about their stuff and obsess about their stuff, until they don't own stuff, it owns them. When people move they have to gather their stuff to to take with them.

 Advertisers tell us we need more stuff, we are conditioned to think success is measured by how much stuff we have. Think about how we are literally bombarded with commercials and advertisements insisting we buy and collect larger piles of their stuff. Informing us and persuading us that stuff is a sign of our worth and our value. Your worth, your value and your well being is should not determined by how much you have. 

I am not saying we shouldn't have stuff, far from it, just we need to acknowledge the true value of it. When acquiring possessions, ask yourself how this will improve or add value to my life?  How many hours will I have to work to pay for it? How many hours of enjoyment will I get? Do I want to maintain this thing?  

 Decide in advance do I really need or want this item. Wait few days or weeks and see how you feel. Simplify your life with out all that stuff you have work to maintain and purchase.
Just a thought.
Tommy Douglas

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