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I am a Penna. resident that enjoys reading, writing, food and television/
I committed to helping/ and learning from others. Personal development/self growth and helping autistic,disabled children are my passion.....
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Do not Worry, Be Happy Now,Tomorrow is Not Promised To Anyone!

Aug 7th 2010 at 8:50 PM

Are you still waiting for your situations to turn around before you
will allow yourself to be happy?
Most people have an idea, or vision of what it means to be happy, and will not
allow ourselves to be happy, until those things materialize.
The problem is that even when we accomplish small goals, we are rarely satisfied with them!
Instead, we all start refocusing on something bigger and better, thinking the next
goal is going to be the icing on the cake. However better or happier it may make us feel
at the moment, we still never let ourselves reach a point of contentment.
Has this happened to you before in the past?
Well, make a decision to be happy now!
Even if everything in your life is not completely perfect.
Here are a few tips to make that happen.
1)Be grateful, being grateful is one our most powerful state of mind and
makes you feel good.
It makes you remember what you do have, and keeps it there!
As you think more about the things that you do have, and other situations that you
hear others are in, you focus less on what you do not have.
This will leave you felling more happy.
2)Take time to smell the roses and relax!
If you are constantly rushing through your days and leave little time for life's little joys,
then it is hard to feel happy and content.
To get a sense of true happiness, take time to relax, dream, set small goals
and enjoy simple moments.
Spend time doing things you love on a regular basis, starting right away!
Read books to trigger your imagination, take walks, listen to music and truly make an
effort to enjoy your life as it is now!
3)Enjoy the journey.
Do not pin all of your expectations on some long term results, such as completion
of your life goals.
Some of us believe that when we reach our goals, we will be truly happy
and life will be perfect. But there is much to be gained in your journey to
that final destination. Revel in every moment that you are working towards
completing your higher goals.
Enjoy the sense of duty and self mastery you gain with every accomplished goal, even the small ones.
The most important factor to remember about happiness is that it is hugely a decision
you make from moment to moment, day by day.
Certain events make it difficult to feel happy at times,
but more to often, we allow little things to trouble us and
block any happiness we would otherwise feel.
Welcome happiness and it will help attract even more life enhancing events
and moments into your life!

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Oct 10th 2010 at 3:24 PM by philjansen
Thanks for sharing the information smilikin. Blessings -
Sep 11th 2010 at 1:16 AM by onqglobal
The data you've so very adequately laid out is discerned via a Specially learned and revealed focal priority! Upon those two foundation layer does everything else rest on. Furthermore, The Father of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob|Israel is that source; that's in the event, I'm not mistaken. The Overlooked small things are what disable your ability to maintain sober-minded real-time focus on the True connections that afford our correct attitude success journey to reach the end result. All the while being in a self-examination of maintain proper order of appreciation, gratefulness, respect of what is vital. That being the usage of the time afforded to our stewardship. [if you will] I'm grateful for manner in which I've been reared and choice of persons I've been Blessed to come through. tuvm, for the reflective moments. Like voice repeating gems of wisdoms.

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