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difference between addition and multiplication

Dec 7th 2010 at 3:23 AM

It might seem like I am stating the obvious but what I am all about here is that we do not normarly internalise these in our daily living.

For instance , we all know about the power of one and what is possible if we could follow through in implementation of that concept in whatever project we embark on. The one example I heard of recently was that it could only take us about 2 and half years to evangelise the world if we apply the power of one on monthly basis taking the current population of professing Christians.

If you have read up to so far maybe you are as curious as I am as to why we never accept this concept as possible. I believe our success in our endevours is a reflection of how much we believe this or not.

Remind yourself about this maths fact. One multiplied by any number is equal to that number, meaning one does not make any difference in multiplication unless you first add. I believe that is why we need the squeeze pages to capture email addresses of people so we can build our own list of contacts. One Dr Murdoch said we are 4 people away from everyone in the world.

Lastly why do people have to crack their heads on a decision whether or not invest a dollar for their future's sake. Would you be bankcrupted by such an investment. Why then are you not starting to build your own list today or why is it not a priority.


If you do not know where to start there is a wonderful program that I recommend. Find it here http://www.budurl.com/4adollar , you could join for free and see how it structured and its payplan and even attend the trainining. If you are lucky i might spot you and pay your registration for you so you can start recruiting without risking your DOLLAR.



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Nov 10th 2011 at 6:01 AM by jakaroomba
It is true that it takes time to build business. If you are looking for an instant pay you better try lotto and do not forget the odds. If you pace yourself you will pick some gems. I particularly like the networking which allows for you to build or buy refs. The ultimate effect is that you continue putting the same effort and your income steadily up in proportion to to your referrals, meaning the work you used to do to get $10 a day is the same as when you are now at $10/day (or less sometimes).
Dec 23rd 2010 at 8:55 AM by LonnieG
Keep getting the message out there Jakaroomba! Anything that people can do to build a good list of folks to contact should be time and money well spent!

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