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Develop Your Brain To Achieve Your Goals.

Apr 1st 2011 at 7:22 AM

If you have specific goals for yourself and you are determined to reach them then congratulations - this is the vital starting point toward success.

Do you want to accomplish something big with your life?

Do you want to become successful in life?

Do you have the desire to start accomplishing something amazing?

Whether your goal is weight loss, starting a successful business, , or writing a film script, a firm plan, and a focus on your goal are crucial.

If you're genuinely dedicated to your goal, and really serious about achieving success then you'll probably be trying everything possible to gain an advantage - reading books on the area, talking to people with much more knowledge, and trying to align your mind for success in every possible way.

If you are trying everything you can to achieve success then you have good company, and this is something you should be proud of rather than ashamed of - some of the most successful individuals in business, and sport particularly read self improvement books, ask for help and try out various different things to help give them an advantage and help them to succeed.

Tiger Woods for example was already devoted to becoming a world class golfer, and he put in lots of physical practice, but he also looked for other resources to help him gain that competitive edge and sculpt his mind for success - among the things he tried both hypnotherapy and subliminal messaging were his favorites.

Stephen Spielberg, also looked for different methods for obtaining an edge and aligning his mind for success. In his early days he did a lot of "modeling" other people's habits and behavior - he actually purchased a suit and hung around the movie studios pretending to be a movie producer - he wanted to emulate the people he wanted to be like, and consider using any means he possibly could to succeed. Again, he likewise became an advocate of subliminal audio - later professing that it helped "give him a good start and kept him devoted to his goal".

If you're serious about achieving your goals then you too should do everything you possibly can to succeed. A proven way, as mentioned above is with subliminal messages. It is not immediate, but essentially acts as a mild kind of hypnosis and gives your unconscious mind assistance in the direction of whatever goal you're going after. This means that any constraining self beliefs, or negative habits of thinking will be rewired and you will be positive and dedicated to success both internally and externally.

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Apr 2nd 2011 at 4:11 AM by Jazey
Great Article! :)

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