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Cure vs Heal - One Works - One Isn't

Oct 25th 2010 at 6:50 PM

Do not kid yourself, emotional baggage causes "issues in the tissues" and several years later your body compensates those issues for some pretty incredible diseases and illnesses.  Our society feels that we must use pharmaceuticals and the medical profession  to Cure the issue  - and the problem with that is your body is now fighting two things - the diseased tissues and the foreign substance invading it's body. Insurance companies are finding more and more reasons not to insure disabled people and stresses of basic survival methods in people are at all time highs these days .  Many have lost homes and futures in the current economy.

The result of all these "issues in the tissues"?

Extreme adrenal exhaustion along with the severe imbalance of many hormones and cells within the body.

The body is in pain, has restricted movement, gains/loses weight, is over stressed, overworked, and anxious and depressed. Severe cases once out of the ordinary, are now everyday happenings.

And Health Care Costs are at an all time low and filled with corruption like almost everything  else in society - including religion.

one in a million  or never heard of diseases are starting to show up  ....a whole mirad of issues  appear when the body is in constant fight and flight and survival mode - it can't repair itself.

The body needs the rest and repair mode to allow the cells to do just that - repair and restructure.  Each cell in the human body is capable of renewing and healing itself and each cell will help others - even if it means their own demise - to heal another cell.   It's a one for all, all for one type deal with the human cell and survival.

Reiki is an ancient healing art - and one that anyone can learn and use to heal themselves and others.

What Reiki does is

  • use the healing model instead of the curing model to ensure your body gains homeostasis.  Perfect Balance - every cell functioning as it should.
  • Symptoms you may have are not judged good or bad.  Reiki regards symptoms as a personal message from your body to your conscious awareness that something is changing or needs a change made.

The role of the Reiki Practitioner (that's me  ;-)  ) is to facilitate the healing process and not cure the symptom.  Your body is in the best position to know what it needs to heal itself.

And your body gives messages all the time.  If you are clear enough to hear and understand those messages, then you can allow your body to restore wellness by using it's own innate intelligence to optimize it's own healing ability.

It will use the Reiki energy to heal where it is needed most and primarily, and then proceed to lesser needs by way of the body's primary blockage being triggered to release and begin the healing process.  As one part heals - it moves to the next blockage or "issue" until the whole body has maintained balance and equalibrium.  Homeostasis. Perfect harmony with one and all.

Healing can be immediate or can be over time - no two people react the same and no two sessions are the same.  One session may help or 100 - there is no way to know except by noticing the progress

Miracles and impossibilities do happen - and it all starts with the pure intent of the Reiki Practitioner  and ends with renewed energy and well being of the client.

I would be interested in a conducting some trial "distance healing reiki"  and as such am interested in obtaining 10 people who would be willing to receive 3 treatments each at a predetermined date and time complimentary.  I am designing a new page to my website to offer distance reiki services and am in need of some testimonials for my new profession

If you would like to know more -just drop me a line and we'll chat it through.





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