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Cheat Death Four Times and Come Out on Top - Interview With an Incredible Woman Who Knows Survival

Oct 23rd 2010 at 10:04 PM

What influence initially made you accept the idea of using non-traditional methods of healing?

"I wanted to make all the choice for my body from as much information as possible. Because my original diagnosis was auto-immune related, I believed that my body could help fix the problem, if helped.

When I moved to the Denver area and was seeing a doctor in Boulder, I found and saw lots of alternative options. It was right in front of me and when I talked with people about where to get care, information and treatments, lots of alternative options kept coming up. I was driven there by one person from a Sweet Adeline's International chorus I coach in Colorado Springs, who has lupus (also auto-immune) and was seeing a very successful homeopathic provider in Boulder. Once I called him and got inside his world, many things opened to me. It was like a candy store of options."

Cindy, do you think that if you had not believed you could be helped in a non- conventional way, that it's possible that the healing process could have been sabotaged?

"My current cures are all related to homeopathic (non-western) ways. The total clearing of my blood clots from the spleenectomy was and is from Natto Kinesse, which is totally homeopathic and not seen as a treatment at all in western conventional medicine. The total curing of two cancers I had was from non-traditional treatments and the Vitamin A treatments. Also the APIS - the newest remedy - seems to have moved my blood levels in the normal range for the first time in five years. So these three things have totally assisted if not caused the cure. However, traditional doctors are not willing to respond, acknowledge or support my success. But they have no other explanation. They just don't talk about it. But they are not treating me for any of these medical issues since they are not happening. So why did they stop? Was I cured? How did it happen? Why did they cancel future treatment and care? I feel they are not allowed to speak and work with these treatments since they are licensed by law to give me the 'standard' approved course of action for insurance, licensing and protocol reason."

How powerful is positive thinking?

"It is the number one reason I am where I am today. There is no other option. You have to have the belief that your fight and your strength, no matter how challenged, will get you through. Believe me - I have my days where I am not the most positive person about all the health challenges I have had. But when you look around, this is nothing compared to what others have survived. I think talking to others about what they can do - keeps you forward and in a good place on what you personally need to do. The focus needs to be outside. You need to have an outlet to educate, and then you get more educated. Also if you are in (somewhat) the public eye, you have an opportunity too that others don't. When you talk about your challenges you have a choice how you and the illness will be perceived. If you approach it as a winner and survivor - you are impacting others as well."

Cindy also learned that treatment options come in many different forms, from traditional western, historic eastern and multiple nutritional styles to physical exercise, spiritual and so much more. She is exploring all the options available to her, learning that treatments can be as individualized as the individual. With all this personal training, knowledge and experience she was able to overcome not one, not two, not even three, but four life threatening illnesses, from which she and her family were told, "She will not make it." Learning about yourself and your body, you can overcome and accomplish anything you believe you can.

"When life hands you lemons, make lemon meringue pie!" ~ Heather Meglasson


Disclaimer: It is suggested that the reader seek the expertise of a trained health care professional to treat any serious ailment. The author and/or publisher do not guarantee that anyone following these techniques, suggestions, tips, ideas, or strategies will become successful.

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Oct 28th 2010 at 9:37 AM by igytomas
Hi, This reminds me a real-life story about J. D. Rockefeller. If not positive thinking and removal of all his worries he would be death at his 50ties. Because of sickness and fear he found greater pleasure in helping people than in making money. Positive thinking and attitude were the major contributing factors in his longer and better life.

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