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We are a holistic E- monthly publication dedicated to an expanding awareness that will support the integration of the mind, body, emotions and soul. Articles, interviews, art, music, poetry and community news supporting all those seeking personal development and spiritual growth starting from the inside then expanding out. We aim to give our readers access to information that will allow them to actualize their spiritual consciousness and human potential, through personal wellness.

While conscious of a higher purpose in our lives, we also want to remain well grounded, acknowledging the need to be productive on this physical plane.

We seek to contribute to the growth of humanity in coming to understand that we are all connected. We believe we all have the power to make a difference by expanding our own perceptions and beliefs.

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Happy New Year

Change Your Vocabulary – Change Your Life

Dec 19th 2010 at 4:10 PM

By . Dr. Raymond Comeau

Words are more than instruments of communication. Like the decorations in a house, they are also mood-setters, they reveal much about the owner and, above all, they have a powerful influence on the state of mind of those that they touch.

Some words energize, inspire and create joy. Others are depressing, negative and disempowering. In most cases, words by themselves, affect us in a subliminal way. That's what makes them potentially so affective in their capacity to influence our mood and state of mind.

By changing the words that we habitually use, we can dramatically change our mindset. Can you imagine the mindset of someone who constantly use words like: accident, danger, catastrophe, disaster, ruins, failure, hopeless, depression etc…

On the other hand, picture someone who uses words like: success, victory, abundance, triumph, empowering, fantastic, great, amazing etc… What a refreshing change. What inspiring and uplifting words. What a fantastic mindset they will help to create.

There is a section in self-improvement techniques that is called, Transformational Vocabulary. Basically what it teaches is that you can change your thoughts, your energy and your state of mind by changing the words that you habitually use.

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