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Building self esteem

Dec 16th 2010 at 12:51 PM

Building self esteem is vitally important for everyone. Being adult, child or teenager, self esteem is the foundation. No one wants to be the person who can't ask questions or is too shy to say something of value. So how do we improve our self esteem?

Firstly as parents we hold a very important role in this sphere. The way we relate to our kids will impact them for life. Yes a very scary but true fact. The more encouraging we are to our children, the more we allow them to learn from their mistakes and the less we put out kids down, the better their self esteem will be. A child who is constantly being put down and belittled will eventually doubt their own capabilities which in turn will crush their desire to try new things for fear of failure.

Teenagers go through a rough time. Their bodies are changing and consciously and subconsciously they need to learn how to deal with this. Some will embrace the changes and run with it and will be incredibly popular amongst their peers, enjoying the attention received, whilst others will have a much harder time. Those that struggle with the changes could be very uncomfortable with their peers for a very long time.

It truly is amazing to note how many adults lack self esteem. This may be caused from childhood or it could be a result of an ugly divorce, lack of job or loss of job or generally life not going in the right direction. Generally adults do not like changes, and when necessary do not always have an easy time accepting them. This in turn can cause them to doubt themselves and have a low self image.

Building your self image is not easy. It's definitely a mind game. You need to change your outlook on life, your perspective of yourself and then take action. You need to think more positively, I can do it, I will be able to do it - POSITIVE THINKING.

Instead of focusing on what you think people don't like about you, think about what your good qualities are and how to enhance them. Many times what you think people think about you is far from the reality!
Give yourself a pampering session. Most times we are so involved in worrying and taking care of others that we don't spend enough time on ourselves. I know that seems a little indulgent, but yes we all need a little bit of me time, a little spoiling and pampering. This in itself can push your self esteem to new levels. Think about it when you feel good about yourself you project it onto others!

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