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Birthright Bulletin

Aug 22nd 2011 at 7:24 AM

NEW!      Have you ever wanted to hear it like it is - no punches pulled - straight talk?
Presenting...  Birthright Bulletin.    Putting you into the picture with the things you really need to know! Nothing in your life can be as important as this.


Everything in life has a beginning. As Birthright Bulletin concerns your birthright, then the logical place to start would be an examination of your livelihood at this point in your walk through the years allotted to you.

Looking back, are you able to say with certainty that you were fully equipped to take on the challenges of life and that the place you find yourself today worked out perfectly as planned - or did circumstances rule the path you have taken?

Do you tackle each day as it comes, but dream of an ideal lifestyle while going through the motions of completing your day? Do you ever pause the thoughts racing through your mind to inject the question of existence and meaning of human life?

You are not alone. There are 7 billion people on this planet and all those who have reached the age of accountability are likely to constantly entertain similar questions about life.

Did you know that you have a birthright to a better life, free from the burden of suffering and pain as a result of tragedy, poverty, depression, illnesses and the effects of the world's circumstances?

This birthright was stolen from you. It is likely that you did not even know that you had a birthright, otherwise your parents would have been the first ones to educate you about it. The truth is, they were also in the dark about it and expected you to face the world like everyone else – in darkness, void of direction and subject to what the world brings your way.
Tighten your seatbelt. You're in for a rough ride to reality.

Your memory probably goes back to your toddler days and you can clearly remember little incidents back then. While growing up the sights and sounds of your environment started moulding your personality and everything you experienced formed the basis of your understanding of life.

Everyone involved with your education impacted your thinking and your view of life. As a teenager you thought that you were on the verge of “arriving” and that the latest fashion trends depicted the true meaning of life. Your parents became an embarrassment to you and you considered them to be “uncool”, not to mention the fact that they were intellectual fools – or so you might have thought.

Finally, you completed your education and you were ready to take on the world of fast cars, the opposite sex, parties and entertainment. After all, this was the picture you had of life and everyone prepared you for it accordingly. Television, movies and pop concerts were the guides to entrenching one's outlook on life.

And then there were those odd, religious people who talked about something called salvation and godliness. You and your circle of friends simply knew better and avoided contact with ignorant people who believed in something other than evolution. Perhaps you've had your fill of it and on the odd occasion attended church with your parents when you were a teenager, but you felt that the world out there offered greater satisfaction than the inside of a church building. You could not wait to be “free” to do your own thing.

Yes, you remember all these things and a whole lot more, but the one thing you needed to remember, but could not simply because nobody informed you about it, was the fact of your birthright. So what is your birthright?

Your birthright is not to fill your spot on this planet as just another human statistic subject to the ways of the world; to be a follower and emulator of celebrities; to go to war for your country; to get married and have children; to watch reality shows and soap operas on tv; to become seriously ill with sicknesses and diseases; to suffer loss, pain and tragedy; to experience poverty, joblessness and depression; to become old – and then to finally die.

This is the kind of life most people “attach” and resign themselves to and it offers no meaning whatsoever. To think that something so valuable, a miraculous human life – should simply pass away into darkness and nothingness after experiencing a life of consciousness and individuality  filled with vast volumes of stored memory, intelligence and potential. Should one see any point in this?

Your birthright is to live a life filled with love, peace and joy; to have whatever you need and want; to never be sick or filled with disease and to live forever. This is your BIRTHRIGHT! Imagine every living human being living under such an umbrella of eternal protection and bliss? Is this possible? Of course it is – as you will find out. It's all really very simple. All you have to do is pay attention and believe what you are about to read. Your BIRTHRIGHT is about to be restored to you.


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