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Bariatric Surgery Gives Women A Sexual Boost?

Jan 13th 2014 at 6:03 AM



What is mean by Bariatric Surgery?

Bariatric surgery is a surgery that is used to remove large amounts of fat from a person's body. This surgery is usually only done if a person is obese and their life is threatened due to their weight. The initial benefit of this surgery is obvious, however studies have shown that this surgery may also improve a woman's sexual life as well. It should be noticed that this type of surgery is not like liposuction, it does not remove the fat instantly. This surgery refers to the kind of surgeries which reduce the size of a person's stomach, which over time, leads to rapid weight loss.

Why women need Bariatric Surgery?

Certain women need bariatric surgery because they are severely over weight. This type of surgery is usually only done on those who's lives are threatened due to their extreme weight. For instance, a woman weighing 230 pounds would not be a good candidate, where a woman weighing 450 pounds would. Those who receive this surgery need it to loose weight and live a normal life. Many women who receive this surgery have no other ways to loose weight, or those other ways may have already failed, leading to the need for surgery.

What does Bariatric Surgery Do?

Bariatric surgery often reduces the size of a person's stomach, causing them to rapidly lose large amounts of weight. This surgery is usually only performed on those with a dire need to lose weight. One such way a person's stomach is reduced is with the use of a band, which goes over the stomach, causing less food to be able to enter the stomach. This type of surgery has had great success with those who are morbidly obese, and has saved many lives as well.

How does Bariatric Surgery improve sexual function in women?

Recent studies have shown that weight loss is not the only benefit in which a woman could receive with bariatric surgery. In fact, studies have shown that women who get this surgery often have an increase sexually, giving them a sexual boost to say. Women who undergo this surgery report that achieving orgasm became much easier, as well as becoming aroused. Many women have also experienced an increase in hormones, leading to a stronger sex drive than previously. Their quality of life have also seemed to improve, which can in turn also lead to a sexual boost. Women who have had this surgery also state that sex became much easier in general, which would be expected due to the loss of weight. Increased fertility has also been shown in some female patients, along with an increased sex drive. One recent study has even shown that lubrication naturally even had become easier for many women, along with an increased sex drive, stamina, sexual satisfaction and much more.

Since sexual intercourse is often a very important part to any healthy relationship, women who had bariatric surgery were also shown to have happier relationships after the surgery. Many women, due to the extreme weight loss, also reported to have high self esteems, which could have contributed to the boost in their sex drive.

Bariatric surgery can be a life saving surgery for many people, a medical miracle in itself. However, it turns out that this surgery can also boost your sex drive and lead to higher sexual satisfaction as well. Many women who have had this surgery report amazing changes to their sex lives and sexual satisfaction. They are also able to live happy and healthy lives, both generally and sexually. This surgery has so many benefits, including life saving weight loss, and now even a sexual boost!


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