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With both a degree and background in psychology I have applied this knowledge to building affiliate businesses.

After completing a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1981 I went on to work in a state psychiatric facility. I got involved with Amway and learned a great deal about group dynamics. I never did make much money with Amway but it was great fun to meet the people involved and hear of their hopes and dreams.

In the late 1980\'s I met Gery Carson (now the owner and president of SFI Marketing) and went to work for his business as an employee. It was after working with him on several projects that I began to see an income from network marketing.

I feel that with my years of experience that I can help you through answering questions about opportunities, marketing methods and much more. My talents that i put to use in both online and offline marketing include relationship building and writing for the purpose of relationship building as well as article marketing.

My two favorite company's now are the SFI Marketing Group and Infinity Downline through the Power of $ system. I also look for support programs to help build primary businesses.

I enjoy helping people, reading, writing, cooking, entertaining, going to movies, traveling, hiking, fishing and photography among other interests.
Keith Stieneke | keithstieneke

Asking the right questions

Jul 11th 2010 at 4:26 PM

Do you have a successful business?

Do you have a successful marriage or successful relationships in general?

These are just two of the questions that I am presenting to you in which your answer to them may be based upon the questions that you are asking of yourself or of life in general.

We, human beings that is, are a product not only of our life’s experiences, or of our hereditary. Mostly we are a product of our thinking. Allow me to present the following story. I don’t remember the exact details, and whether I get them exactly right or not, the story is as follows:

There was an alcoholic and abusive father with two twin sons. Because the father spent most of his money on his drinking habit the family lived in poverty conditions. The father because of his state of mind often physically and verbally abused the two boys. Several years later when both of the boys became young men one of them became a drunken abusive father just like his father. The other young man became a successful businessman making several thousand dollars a month and had a very successful and happy marriage.

When both young men were asked why they ended up in life at where they were at they both had the same answer. “How could I end up any different than I am?” They answered the question with a question and they both had the same answer. But the difference was in their perception and belief system.

The brother living in poverty and as an alcoholic asked the question of himself and of life, “What choice do I have except to live the way I was taught? I don’t know of any other way.”

The brother with the successful business asked of himself and of life, “What can I do to improve my life and not live as my father and my family taught me? I will do whatever it takes to succeed.”

Can you see how although on the surface the brothers answered the question of why they ended up the way they did in exactly the same way, the questions that they asked of life and of themselves were totally different.

A person looking to finance a business and not succeeding for several years could ask himself the question “Why haven’t I been able to save the money to get my business going? Or they could ask, “Why haven’t I developed a good enough credit rating to get the financing I need for my business”? Two questions, much more appropriate ones in fact, that they could ask are as follows: “How do I set up a budget that allows me to put away a little out of each paycheck from my job and save it for financing the start of my business?” or “How do I build a credit rating that will allow me to finance the money I need to start or invest more heavily in my business?”

It’s unfortunate that many of us, and I have been guilty of this myself, first feel sorry for ourselves or blame others for our failures. This is one of the symptoms of thinking errors and I would venture to guess that the majority of people have thinking errors that cause us to not perform to our full potential.

Another example of a thinking error resulting from asking the wrong question would be a thought by someone such as: ‘Why did he or she leave me? Am I a bad person?’ Maybe in this case the person has left the other one because of verbal abuse or because the person wouldn’t get a job. Possibly the person should be asking the questions:

“What can I do to improve the relationship or all of my relationships?”

“Do you think if I learn to be more understanding, and not call my significant other names, that it would help our relationship?”

“Maybe, if I got a job it would help to lighten the load and make it easier for him or her. Can you show me how to do this?”

Are you successful in your business, in managing your finances, in making your relationships happy and long lasting? If you’re not then I challenge you to look at the questions that you are asking yourself and maybe to change these questions to ones that are more in line with attaining your goals and desires.

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Keith Stieneke is an Internet Marketing and Personal Development Consultant. He currently has several websites including and




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Nov 24th 2010 at 6:21 AM by phmoisan
Keith, this is an inspiring article, it reminds me of the chapter "Questions are the answers "in Tony Robbins book "Awaken the Giant Within".

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