A positive outlook is vital in everyday life. People who are optimistic get considerably more out of life, they attract other people with similar attitudes, they enjoy themselves, they look on the bright part of living, and they have more positive experie

Are you living your truest life?

Jul 31st 2010 at 1:48 AM

I love this quote--have you seen it? "Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake." ~ Henry David Thoreau

And the best example I can think of to put take this tantalizing concept to the present day, complete with instructions on HOW to do it is this... [

Dream Your Future Into Reality]

Let me explain... Today you're going to have a virtual "front row seat" to hear from none other than one of the mainstays of The Secret, John Assaraf. This is a rare chance to hear from him directly which is exciting, because John has broken down all the components for achieving the highest level of success with visualization so YOU can do it too. Not only that, he explains the neuroscience that is the foundation for the Law of Attraction and how Universal energy works on your behalf to deliver your deepest desires into your life. The first thing you need to realize is this absolute truth: What you think is what you BECOME! It's true--but don't freak out if you've been mired down in thinking a lot of negative thoughts, because you really do have the i nner power to change your reality. And it doesn't have to take years and years either--in fact it can happen very quickly when you do this... Do This--Feel Your Inner Power--Change Your Life

Even if you're just getting started, if you'll follow the simple instructions John gives on this video, here's what can happen. You will... **Dissolve the barriers that have been blocking your full potential **Experience lasting and meaningful change, maybe for the very first time **Finally understand you truly DO have the inner power to change your life **Deeply absorb visualization strategies that are incredibly powerful **Transform your life from "average" to extraordinary sooner rather than later! So please don't delay. Watch the video!

Watch the John Assaraf Video Now

The thing you should be really excited about is how REAL this is. I mean, it's actually proven by science, as John will explain. Don't worry, he makes it very easy to understand, and it just makes sense. You'll see what I mean as soon as you begin watching. And then get busy and DO what you learn today! The sooner you get started, the faster your visualizations will begin to materialize for you.

Talk again soon, Michelle

P.S. If you find yourself spending more time worrying than being thankful and feeling good--you really need this. How you see yourself and the events of your life can either move you away from what you want--or TOWARDS what you want. You have the power to determine that--you just need to understand how easily you can access it.

Access Your Inner Power With John Today

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Sep 8th 2010 at 1:48 AM by sedonamind
Your welcome. Hope you enjoy it.
Sep 8th 2010 at 1:25 AM by yhbecpublisher
Thank you for sharing this with us...8-D

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