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Are you hard to movitate? Take a look at these 3 factors that could be making life tough for you.

Jul 10th 2011 at 8:06 AM

How do you feel today? Are you motivated? Full of energy and drive? Or did you wake up with zero motivation, no interest in getting anything done and would have rather tossed the alarm clock out of the window?

Let’s face it, some days you just don’t want to feel motivated. You probably just want to crawl back in bed and get some rest…

But there may be some other underlying things that could be making life a bit tougher for you, in particular there are 3 factors that really can affect how easily and how well you can be motivated.

Life can be extremely tough at times, incredibly exhilarating and exciting at others. Sometimes you have to do things you absolutely love and enjoy and are extremely passionate about and other times you have to almost force yourself to deal with those things, errands and tasks that you consider ‘unpleasant’ if not worse. It might be that co-worker you don’t like and you are tasked to work on a project together. It might be something as simple as getting out of bed and getting ready for work on Monday or doing the dishes, getting the garbage out, this list could go on and on. The bottom-line is that some of these tasks, even the really easy and quick ones, can leave you feeling drained and exhausted. They suck out any motivation you may have had to start with and can even make you feel annoyed, short tempered, sad or even sorry for yourself.

But there also are some things ‘inside you’ that can actually make it tough to feel excited and pumped up or enthusiastic? Even when you are getting ready to do something you normally really enjoy. Get to know yourself, find out what your triggers are and you can begin to change life for the better. Have more fun, get more done, you get the idea.

Let’s take a look at 3 factors that could be making it hard for you to get motivated…

Mindset – your best friend or worst enemy
Your mindset is definitely a major factor that can make it hard for you to get motivated. If you look at the world in that ‘gloomy’ way, well, frankly then you are probably not going to be very motivated to get anything done or even have any fun. Your mindset can limit your view of the world and of all experiences in general or it can expand your fun and pleasure by letting you experience new things. Is your head filled with growth-inhibiting beliefs, biases, prejudices or standards?
Let’s say for example you have a meeting on monday morning and you are already dreading it because well, let’s face it but some of the people there do nothing but complain, they never try to come up with any solutions or even attempt to make things better. Just reading that last sentence, how do you feel? Pretty crappy and you are probably not looking forward to your next meeting now, are you? But if you can look past all of the things that bring you down and keep your eyes open you may notice that a team member had an excellent idea or that someone really is ready for a promotion. Maybe you didn’t hear the quiet staffer that just mumbled something about a major cost-saving idea but who normally sits just quietly in the corner, how much money did you and your business just lose because your mindset was too narrow to really experience life?
Maybe you’re at a party and you really didn’t feel like going, so now you are standing in a corner, all by yourself, thinking how you have soooooo many other things you’d rather be doing. Maybe you missed reuniting with an old friend, were left out of a very exciting conversation or well, you get the idea.

Working on your mindset can definitely make your life more fun and help you stay motivated (even when you don’t want to be).  Don’t limit yourself. If you refuse to believe that you can actually write for a famous magazine because you’re a person from a small town, you’ll miss out on an opportunity to expose your talent and reap its rewards.

Stepping outside of the box  – getting out of your comfort zone
There are just some things we don’t want to do. They make us not just feel uncomfortable but can give us the ‘blues’ and make us downright miserable even thinking about them. We all deal with certain limitations in our minds that can affect our motivation. Some of these limits are things we’ve decided (either consciously or subconsciously) to hamper ourselves with based on our personal beliefs, life experiences and ethics. As long as we stay within the boundaries of our box we feel pretty comfortable and can do whatever we want. But if we start wandering a little to close to the edges of our box we start to feel a bit more hesitant to take that next step. You might start to feel discomfort, shyness, annoyance or perhaps embarrassment. We start to slow down more and more until everything pretty much grinds to a standstill simply because we don’t like what we don’t know or haven’t experienced. Fear of the unknown can be a total buzz-kill and make your life not just miserable, in some more extreme cases a professional may be needed to help you. Because of our fear of the unknown we all too often decide to stay within our comfort zones because we feel safe there.

How motivated to you feel if you are asked to do something new? Your boss comes in and proposes a large, new project with all kinds of twists and complicated details and suddenly announces to everyone that you are going to head up the project? How excited and pumped up are you when your friends come to you with their birthday present and you open up the card and they’ve pitched in and are taking you sky-diving for the first time in your life. Depending on how comfortable you are with leaving your box and how well you can motivate yourself you may be missing out on the experience of  a lifetime.

Having a narrow or small comfort zone can be a major factor that makes it hard for you to get or stay motivated. The first thing we do when we are presented with a new opportunity or idea is to check if it fits in our box, is it still within our comfort zone? Depending on how far outside of the box (our comfort zone) it is we may just flat out say ‘NO’ and simply refuse, end of discussion. If it’s not too far out of the comfort zone perhaps we can slowly work our way up to doing whatever it is, but if there’s a deadline and it needs to be done at a certain date/time well, then we can run into problems too. It really is unfortunate because life has so much to offer and many of these ideas and experiences can be good for you or even open up all new opportunities for you, but you may never know because you couldn’t get motivated enough to try and ‘give it a go’.

History – Past Experiences
Why didn’t you feel like going in to work today? Did your former boss maybe pass you up for promotion or failed to at least give you a pat on the back now and then for a job well done? Is that why you are not motivated enough to give it your all, but just barely make it in the door on time? Whatever has happened in our past can and will shape our beliefs and most definitely will affect our life for a long time. The question is how you will let it affect you. Will you learn from the past and use that knowledge to make your present and future better, or will you hide in the shadows of your own history? Everything you have experienced in life, be it personal, social, professional, you-name-it, has a lot to do with how you view life and is a major factor in determining how motivated you are every single day. If you’ve had a lot of ‘negative’ experiences in life you may tend to be more hesitant and unsure of yourself because your self-esteem and confidence are low. But you can ‘work on it’ too. How you look at life and what has happened in the past makes a big difference. Try to learn from the past, don’t dwell on it. I know it’s not always easy, but give it a shot, you may find yourself having more fun.

If you’ve only experienced ridicule and rejection in your life it wouldn’t be surprising if you don’t feel motivated to write that book you’ve always dreamed about, the publishing houses probably won’t even bother sending you a rejection letter let alone publish your life’s dream, right? WRONG! How do you know until you try? What are you missing out on?
If you’ve only gone through life getting beat on you may not feel motivated to ‘stand out of the crowd’, excel at work or to improve yourself personally. Who cares, right? Nothing you’ve ever done was any good anyway. What’s the use?

You have to make a conscious effort to find out what the past experiences are that are limiting your life and keeping you locked away in your box. Don’t let them rule your life. Learn from them, definitely, but then allow yourself to look to the future and start moving forward on the road of life again. There’s a lot of fun to be had out there and you don’t want to miss out on it. When your past rules your life you will find it very hard to become motivated about anything.

So there you have 3 major factors that can really make life suck or if you choose to, can help you experience a whole new world out there. It’s all up to you, it’s in your hands now. Will you allow yourself to be motivated to explore new possibilities?

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Here’s to your success,

P.s. You may reprint this article provided you keep links intact and a link back to How To Get And Stay Motivated – Thanks!

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