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Are all religious organizations just scare-mongers?

Aug 4th 2011 at 2:29 AM

World's Last Chance

(kindly borrowed me by my friend, theghostwhotalks as I was so impressed because it really made me think - :What would I do, if...?)

World's last chance...http://www.worldslastchance.com , the religious website that bases its beliefs upon Biblical scriptures and commandments of YahuWah (GOD) and the luni-solar calendar/creators calendar.They have an amazing video series, and their presentations are always colorful and interesting, as far as the Christian religion is concerned.

I watched one video in particular today, about the prophesized last days and the 7 trumpets of GOD soon to be blown, when pending doom will rush forth.This signifies the beginning of total annihilation of man and his corrupt system. All will fall apart,chaos will reign,people will fight and kill to secure their food, you name it man will do it. He has to. It's in his nature to fight or flight to survive.

In the video they are urging Christians to get out of the cities to avoid the destruction and forthcoming prophecized plagues. They suggest one moves family to the country side and grow and live on nature.

So I began to ponder...How the hell does one set himself up to do so, if one is like myself, unemployed, perhaps has a small business online, but can't generate enough finance and financial assets to leave and set himself up, as suggested?

Should we heed the call right now...perhaps just buy a tent,and all the necessities to survive out in the wild,simply because this organization is voicing a sense of urgency? Or is it wrong, and merely  some clever form of scare or fear mongering, which seems so commonly voiced by many Christian denominations these days?

Like the world will end on the weekend...May 21 is when all free salvation stops...May 15...etc.

Some christians will state

"Just go, and GOD will take care of the rest. Just have faith!"

Okay...cool...but logicality keeps whispering in my ear...

"What if their call to flee is 5, maybe 10 or 20 years out, and I look foolish living wild, claiming the world is going to end? Or GOD, (god forbid)...doesn't lift a finger?"

What am I trying to get at with this article? Basically, if the predicted disaster of this scale does come about real soon, what will we do, where will we go, and most importantly will we survive, and for how long?

What the hell would you do...?


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