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Allow People To Influence Themselves To Change

Oct 2nd 2010 at 7:01 AM

.Ever thought about why Natural Selling works – and why it influences the people you talk with to want listen to you, and not reject you? Rather than explain it, you can experience it yourself right here, right now with an exercise I’m going to give you. Then I will let you know what is happening, and how it’s so much more effective than the conventional “pitch” of telling, selling and presenting. First I would like you to think about something negative that is happening in your life right now… or if you’ve got everything together, think of something in the past that you were feeling down about and perhaps unfulfilled. Do this now before going any further. Got the feeling? Now switch, and think of something really positive that has happened. Maybe it was when you went sailing and everything was balanced and in tune and there was a sense of peace and happiness… or perhaps you pressed on to the end of a long hike even though you could have stopped, and you’re feeling very accomplished. Got that feeling in place? By recalling those moments in your life I’ve helped you remind yourself of something that you already know. The first of those thoughts perhaps gave you a feeling you would rather not have, and the other a nice warm contented feeling that you would like to repeat. This is what it feels like for others when you talk with them in the present moment about; what they like and don’t like about their present situation, what they would like to do about it if anything, and how that would feel if it helped them reach their goals. As they tell you, they are thinking and feeling about what they already know. So what you are doing is preparing the way for you to link your solution to how it will help them eliminate the negative side of what is happening in their life and move toward what would make them most happiest. If you don’t do this and you rush in with your solution too early you won’t be giving them (or yourself) the opportunity to get in touch with the feelings that will ultimately influence change. A good solid place where you can focus on the steps of how to make this happen is in Chapter 12 of my best selling book “How to Sell Network Marketing without Fear, Anxiety or Losing Your Friends!” Remember, the degree that a person will change is dependent on two things; The degree of discomfort a person is feeling in the present moment as they talk about their present situation The degree of desire to make a change This is what I mean when I say that Natural Selling is about “letting others influence themselves to change”. So now you know why you can ditch the pitch! It takes all the pressure off them (you as well) and leads to successful and harmonious relationships regardless of the outcome.

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