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All The Broken Pieces!

Oct 28th 2010 at 10:39 PM
The Mother Of The Year Award goes to….NOT!

Being a mother of 4 children I’d like to say I’ve learned a thing or two, but as I enter the teen and preteen arena I’m sure there is much more I have yet to learn.

However, as I have watched my own mother, grandmother and other mom’s around me there is one lady who has stood out in particular to which I would be honored to present her with “my hero” and “mother of the year award” for the MOMMY I DON’T EVER WANT TO BE!

The award and honor is presented for:

Single handedly destroying an entire family.
Adopting 15 foster trophy children, 4 trophy grandchildren and giving birth to 2 “PERFECT” children.
For raising all 21 children ranging from the ages of 6-42 in a 5 bedroom home that would put televisions documentary show hoarders to shame.
For ensuring the entire world knows every mistake every one of her 15 trophy children have made from birth to adulthood.
For ensuring those “friends” that do not cater to her every whim are chastised and anything said to her in “confidence” is vomited to anyone who comes within ears distance.
For showing love through degrading comments, pulling ears, hair, and pinching.
For showing up to church on Sunday faithfully with clean trophies, kind words and actions until homeward bound.
For picking favorites among her trophies….hmmm, did you guess her biological children, who could never and have never done wrong, to which not one unkind word is spoken about even though one daughter is still single at 38 and the other a closet adulterer, even though openly admitted her affairs to some, then denied when mommy heard the news. Oh, FYI “”Double D” boob implants add nicely to an 5’2 scrawny unfaithful woman’s resume who hides behind her religion.
For putting her thumb on her trophy daughter telling her she is retarded and good for nothing and reducing her to a modern day “Cinderella!”
For sticking her nose in other peoples business and single handedly destroying other families around her.
For loving those degraded trophies only IF there is something in it for her, free food, paid bills or a good ole ass kissing.
For dominating her home and wearing the pants in the family with disregard to her husband, who by the way was forced to retire having worked 70+ years just to stay OUT of the home.
For destroying what it means to be a family and for honoring her husband (not that he deserves it), don’t get me wrong, the husband has allowed it to happen without ever sticking up and saying enough is enough.
For choosing “friendship” over a Childs innocence. For allowing her best friends husband to molest his child, knowing full well what was going on, but not being a childs voice, because she valued her friendship MORE than the protection of an innocent child.
For idily standing by and allowing her husband to taze her trophy child for not finding some insignificant object he was asked to fetch.
For laughing and allowing her 18-year-old son to kiss an under aged child, with little to no disregard to the emotionally damaging effects that had on that little girl.
For barking orders at her trophy “cinderella” to do this and do that, while you sit on your fat ass gossiping and calling “friends” to tell them how the whole world is against you and how your trophy children “hurt” you.
For literally licking the bottom of the barrel and vomiting false accusations against your trophy children in an ill-fated attempt to remain on your pedestal. I mean really…is that what a mother does, and in who’s best interest? Oh, and while we are at it, let me remind you MOTHER’S DON’T SIT BACK AND SUPPORT STATUTORY RAPE OF HER TROPHY CHILD!!!!! You ought to be burned at the stake for that alone!
For quickly exporting her son out of the country as molestation charges were forthcoming between siblings, to whom she was aware of, but wasn’t able to keep it under the rug any longer.
For being angry at children who have gone against her, called the law on her, confronted her for fear of leaving their own children alone with them because of molestation between siblings and then allowing them back in her home, as long as a bill or two was paid or something was in it for her or more ass kissing.
For watching the Lifetime channel 24-7 and thinking everyone’s family is as messed up as yours – got news for ya sister, YOU are the exception, it’s you that is messed up, it’s you that has the sexual issues, it’s you that allows the sexual misconduct, it’s YOU that the lifetime channel is documenting – NOT EVERYONE ELSE! You are what you watch, or wait, maybe what you watch becomes the life you represent!
For destroying 21 children’s lives even into adulthood.
For 21 children that HATE you, even if they don’t show it to your face…remember YOU taught them the only things in life worth persuing are those that give you monentary reward…hence your children that are kissing your ass are now are using you. Congratulations, you taugh those adults living in your home how to use someone well, feel taken advantage of yet?
For manipulating situations, and naive people to your advantage….hmmm, you have destroyed 21 lives, what is one more…keep up your crap and you can add another destroyed trophy on your mantel, your grandsons!
For emotional scars that these adult children now live with that are still very much affecting them and your younger children will grow to have! Oh, and if the cycle doesn’t stop, your grandchildren and great grandchildren!
For being the MOM I WILL NEVER BE!  
Thank you for opening my eyes to what I will never be or that my daughters will never be. Thank you for showing us that a mother’s love isn’t conditional and why!!!!! Thank you for the psychological education that no textbook could ever teach me, for I’ve witnessed it firsthand in the 6 years that I have known you.

I’m sorry you will never see what I see. I’m sorry that you will never see the honorable man in your son that I see or the quality in your other children regardless of the past mistakes. I’m sorry you can’t say one good thing about anyone ever; behind their back or to their face for fear that they will look better than you. I’m sorry that your lack of self-esteem has driven you to be the most distasteful, disrespected mother I have ever witnessed. I recognize that no matter how hard you strive to put others down around you, it will never be enough. I’m sorry you can’t look beyond the past. I’m sorry that you will go to your grave alone. So, continue to destroy those around you and excuse your actions. I pray one day the chain of anger, hate, and disrespect within your family will cease. I pray that one day your eyes will be opened to the destruction YOU have caused, yet I know, even then your childish mentality will still sit and pout as your soul won’t be happy or satisfied unless someone around you is miserable and damaged!

So, with that – congratulations – you have broken your adopted children and everyone you come in contact with! High five you!

Please if you are a foster child, adopted child and have a story to share I’d love to hear from you! Maybe your stories will help this woman see from the outside in what she is doing, even though the damage is done this woman continues to, even today, seek to degrade and destroy her children, pushing each trophy off the shelf one at a time! A mother’s (foster, adopted, or biological) love is NOT CONDITIONAL! I’d love to hear the positive stories of those who have been adopted into awesome homes, and even those not so awesome stories but those events that have made you the awesome person that you are today! No matter what your history – you are amazing and your mother’s do NOT hold the key to who you are!!!!!!!

Please comment! Mom's like this need to be STOPPED!


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