6 Month LabVIEW Training– Learn a Sophisticated Industrial Automation Tool and Increase Your Career Stakes

Jan 15th 2015 at 2:11 AM

A 6 month LabVIEW training is necessary for prospective industrial automation engineers, given that this skill is sought-after in the industry. After training, aspirants imbibe several industry-ready skills. They understand the significance of control systems, use of the LabVIEW environment and its interface, use palettes and tools provided for visual programming design etc. An integrated system development platform, with a user friendly interface, LabVIEW's environment provides plenty of developer friendly-tools. Using these tools, technicians automate data acquisition, instrument control, and simulation tasks.

Uses of LabVIEW

The following section discusses some of the uses of this software application.

  • Data acquisition and signal processing – Any type of sensor can be measured and data about that device can be acquired. This tool is used for performing advanced analysis of data, presenting acquired data on custom user interfaces, logging data and generating reports.
  • Controlling instruments – Data collection from instruments of any dimension or function is logged. Multiple instruments can be controlled.
  • Testing automation – When a product needs to be tested, this phase can be automated. The validation and verification phase is completely devoid of manual intervention.

How does LabVIEW work?

Aspirants can get complete functional knowledge on how this tool works at a 6 month LabVIEW training. This software tool consists of multiple virtual instruments. They are called virtual instruments because their behavior and function mimics physical instruments. A virtual instrument as three parts - the front panel, block diagram and an icon.

The front panel is what is used by the user given that it contains controls such as knobs, push, graphs and buttons. This panel is used as a simulation environment to realize the physical instrument's behavior, and functionality in a virtual medium.

The block diagram is the source code of the virtual instrument. G, the programming language of this platform, is utilized to develop the source code. Being an executable code, the block diagram's components are functions, constants, control structures and inbuilt functions. Objects can be connected together by drawing wires between them, which defines the flow of data between the objects.

Career in LabVIEW

There are lots of jobs being advertised on job boards that required skills in this software application. Used across industries, this industrial automation tool commands its place in the market. Aspirants can safely proceed to take-up a course and work towards mastering this platform. The onus is to choose the right training institute and get trained on the latest curriculum. Success is guaranteed for those who are willing to go the extra mile to master the myriad of functionality that this tool offers.


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