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5 Frequent Reasons of Studying Avoidance

Jul 10th 2019 at 11:12 PM

Studying is important to acquire knowledge on a particular subject. It also helps students gain the necessary information and skills for their future careers. To get the most out of reading, one needs to focus and understand what they read. However, most students are unable to concentrate on their studies due to the stress and anxiety that comes with learning. By not reading, they are using avoidance coping behavior as a way to stay away from the problem. The only way one can study better is by learning how to stop avoidance behaviour for studying. Below is more on the reasons why students avoid to study:

1) Distractions

College life offers more freedom compared to high school. With no one to follow up whether they attended class, did an assignment, or are studying, students can quickly lose focus. Also, the availability of distractors, such as social media and digital gaming gives students a resort to avoid learning. When the exam period approaches, some students might try cramming their coursework while others will forgo studying. If you have a school avoidance tendency, it best to stay away from distractions.

2) Lack of Interest

Some students have majored in courses that do not align with their passions or future careers. It is easy for these students to lose motivation to study because they do not find it beneficial. Also, some face learning challenges, which affects their motivation to perform well. For these students, no longer paying attention to their studies makes it easier for them to cope even at the expenses of getting low grades.

3) Difficult Coursework

Some courses content are not easy to understand. Students might need more time and help to comprehend the subject. Getting help can be tough, considering professors may not be on campus full time and semester time is limited. Still, you can get professional assistance with your assignments from reputable online writing services.

Their writers offer 24 hours assistance for students with assignments difficulties or lack of time to complete. You need not struggle with challenging assignments that take time to complete. You can check now to hire a writer.

4) School and Work

Having a job is an excellent way for students to earn money for school expenses, but it makes them struggle between studying and working. Working students often end up burning out when balancing both obligations. For this reason, they end up avoiding studies. Some consider dropping to keep their income source.

5) Procrastination

Students with avoidance behavior tend to put off studying for another day. It is easy for them to delay working on an assignment or studying until close to the deadline. Constant procrastination becomes a habit that makes them avoid studying.


College life can put you under too much stress that makes it studying a challenge. However, the best way you can get over study avoidance is by staying motivated. Remember that avoidance is a short-term solution that will affect your performance.

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