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10 Tips To Prevent or Minimize Procrastination

Mar 7th 2011 at 9:38 AM

Procrastination! Don't you just love that word? We all do it, or have done it in the past. Some people procrastinate all the time, some just sometimes. A few have recognized that they procrastinate, and with a desire to prevent or minimize it, they take measures to achieve what they want to do in the timeframes they want. When it comes to achieving success, procrastination is the most common problem to failure, because it is so easy to do.

What is procrastination?

The definition of procrastination is, "To habitually put off doing something until a future time." I am guilty of procrastinating sometimes. But I have gotten a lot better because of my huge desire to achieve the kind of success I want in life. I will be sharing some of the tips I learned to help me prevent or minimize procrastination. Do you procrastinate on things? Why do you feel you do it? Do you want to minimize it?

"Old man procrastination stands within the shadow of every human being, waiting his opportunity to spoil one's chances of success." Napolean Hill

People procrastinate on many things, especially the ones that involve more effort or don't have any immediate gratification. Procrastination carries a high potential for undesired consequences in all areas of your life when it comes to success. It can lead to feelings of guilt and self-doubt, which in turn can lead to lost opportunities. Procrastination is a serious problem when it comes to success in your network marketing business, and many other areas of your life.

So why do we procrastinate?

Well, one reason is because it is SO EASY TO DO. A lot of us love to avoid pain, or things that involve a lot of work or attention. In your network marketing business, most people procrastinate, especially when prospecting. Many times, especially in the beginning, that phone feels like it weighs 20 pounds!

Another common reason is POOR TIME MANAGEMENT. When you hear people say, "I don't have enough time," they simply have bad time management. Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. Why is it that some people get so much more done in that same 24 hours than others? Good time management. They are certain of their priorities, goals, and objectives. Get off the couch, turn off that TV, and get to work!

Here's another reason: PERFECTION. The definition, "Demanding perfection in all things, especially his or her own work." I am guilty of this, and I know many people are. There are still times right now when I have a little "writer's block" when I am writing blog posts or articles. Not everything has to be perfect. In fact, you don't have to be perfect to become highly successful in anything, and especially your network marketing business. In sports, even the All-Star athletes are not perfect. In basketball, a 50% field goal percentage is great. In baseball, a.300 batting average (out 7 out of 10 times at the plate when batting) are paid millions of dollars a year! How about your network marketing business? Top earners in your company are just average people (teachers, realtors, college drop-outs, etc.) who made a decision that they want a lot more in life for themselves and their families, and did what it took to achieve success. We are all human. Humans are all not perfect.

Tips to prevent or minimize procrastination

Here are some tips I have learned and applies to help me prevent or minimize procrastination. Apply these, and you will have less procrastination and be able to get more things done towards your goals of success.

1. Personal Development - This is key to getting your mind right and keeping it staying right. This will help you realize what you are doing and why you are doing it, and help keep you motivated and tough enough to apply these tips to preventing or minimizing procrastination. Read books, attend events, get on webinars and conference calls, etc. Invest in yourself!

2. Prioritize - Write down the things you need to get done in the order of importance. Don't just think of it. Write it down! Put that list in a place where you will see it often. Make copies and put it in more areas, and even carry one with you if you are out. I know, kinda crazy. But, how bad to you want it?

3. Identify tasks you can avoid - Avoid time wasters during productive times, and put them off until the slow times, or later in the night. Those are things like checking email, or "playing around on Facebook." I personally use Facebook as one of my top marketing methods, but I do what I need to do on there, and stick to the time schedule I set for being on Facebook.

4. Be realistic - Don't set unrealistic expectations when it comes to completion dates and times. Give yourself enough time to realistically achieve what are looking to complete.

5. Start small - Breakdown large tasks, and tackle one piece at a time. Tasks can seem overwhelming when looked at as one large one to complete. Break it down to smaller projects with specific goals. Your attention span will be much better when you do that. Don't bite off more than you can chew.

6. Minimize distraction - All of us have busy lives, and many responsibilities. But try to eliminate as much distraction as you can during your productive times. Put your phone to voicemail, turn off the TV and radio, close and lock your door, close your email program, etc. This will get you more focused, and you will get more done faster and more efficiently.

7. Don't wait - Of course, the time will never be "just right." Remember, don't worry about perfection. Just start and be human.

8. Take some time off - Don't overwork yourself. Take a day off with NO work. On that day, don't even think of work. Just enjoy what you are doing and be free. Of course, if you are in network marketing, and are already doing pretty good, you will have income coming in on that day whether you are personally working or not. So that will make it even easier to just be free and just have fun during that whole day, or week, or month, etc.:)

9. Reward yourself - After you accomplish your goals, reward yourself a little. Motivation requires motive. Choose a reward for completing a task, and ensure yourself a good reward for completing it. Go out to a movie, a nice dinner, or other pleasures you love. You will feel refreshed and focused!

10. JUST DO IT! - Yes, just do it! Remember, don't be a perfectionist. Don't worry about the end result in the beginning. Just get started. Once you start, things will start to get easier and easier.

Apply these tips to your business and your personal life to prevent or minimize procrastination, and you will achieve more success. One of the number one attributes of every top earner in every network marketing company, is they don't procrastinate most of the time. When it comes to prospecting time, they get it done. They prioritize their time, and tasks. You can do the same as well.

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Mar 26th 2011 at 5:10 AM by Jazey
Fantastic article, very informative, you definately have a way with words.
Mar 10th 2011 at 7:38 PM by GTBulmer
Hello, Ryan: Excellent article on procrastination! Good explanations and great tips! I'm going to put it on my list to start tomorrow! GT ;-)

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