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Your Free Arm Was A Little Loose At Times Matt Elam Jersey For Sale

Dec 3rd 2013 at 7:00 PM

New type of training:Ashley and ola decided to go scuba diving as part of their rehearsals this week Coming out second on the leaderboard was ashley taylor dawson and ola jordan for their wondrous waltz and scoring a respectable 35 out of 40. The pair even went scuba diving as part of his training this week, in order to feel 'lighter than air'. First to comment, bruno said:'Beautifully handled.I m so impressed because the music and timing was so difficult and yet you glided through it with incredible poise. 'You set the mood so well, I thought it was a wonderful wonderful Waltz.' What a waltz:The pair performed an intimate waltz together A moderately impressed, craig said:'I thought you coped well with all the cross-Phrasing, your expression throughout was very very good. 'However your head is driving me mad it keeps reclining to the right.' Darcey said:'It was so slick Ashley I have to say you really rose to the occasion. 'For me, I think it was one of your best dances.'


Len summed up the successful dance with:'You re like your initials ATD-Attention to detail.' Emotional:Ashley and ola gave a convincing and heartfelt performance in their waltz Next to score a similarly respectable, but not sensational score was abbey clancy and aljaz skorjanec, who earned 32 out of 40 for their paso doble. Looking stunning in a sequin-Embossed blue gown, abbey twirled and stomped around the floor with precision, yet craig noted:'Your free arm was a little loose at times. 'I would have liked to see a little bit more body tension and resistance and then it would have been great. Looking fierce:Abbey managed to keep up the strong facial expression required for the paso doble Difficult routine:The routine was packed with impressive footwork, spins and turns 'It was a little cutesy but I love the dance.' Darcey added:'That was a difficult Paso. There was drama in you face and you did create some impressive shapes but i just wanted to something a bit more dramatic.' Stunning:Abbey looked stunning in her sparkly blue frock as she moved confidently around the dance floor Len said:'I like the shapes and I liked the choreography. 'On occasions you just lost a little control I enjoyed the dance, it could just have been a bit cleaner.' Full of passion:Patrick and anya performed a passionate viennese waltz Also scoring 32 out of 40 for their viennese waltz was patrick robinson and anya garnis, and although they sit at joint third on the leader board the judges still gave harsh criticism. Darcey said:'Viennese Waltz is such a hard dance as you're constantly rotating. You put a lot in there it s just a shame you don t look as comfortable as i expect you much from you now.' Len said:'It was like The Good, The Bad and The Ugly-There was good movement, nice sway, bad standing springs and i didn t like the ending thing, that was ugly.' Telling a story:Patrick told a story with his viennese waltz as he twirled anya around the dancefloor Working out:Performing the charleston in a makeshift gym, ben looked light, comfortable and at ease He may have received the worse score of the evening, with 27 out of 40, but rugby buff ben cohen was not without his fan club in the ballroom. Ben performed the charleston, and the rugby star was throwing his partner kristina rihanoff in all sorts of directions. Bruno said:'Imagine Charles Atlas doing the


Charleston. 'It has to be extremely sharp and tight on the feet the feet could be a little bit sharper. 'But for a guy of your size it is wonderful what you did.' Muscle man:Ben had no problem lifting kristina up in the air many times during the routine A distinctly unimpressed craig said:'It wasn t the most electrifying Charleston I've ever seen. 'You lacked any sort of freedom of movement.' A slightly more positive darcey said:'All that storytelling really worked. Each week you are putting more and more content in your dances and with you are really concentrating. 'Attack into those lifts was brilliant.' Len summed up:'It was right on time throughout that dance. 'It Did lack a bit of freedom in the movement i never agree with craig But there were no mistakes i thought you did a good job' Victorious:Despite receiving negative reviews from the judges, the pair were happy with their performance Perhaps the most controversial moment of the evening occurred in brendan and sophie's rumba-When the judges said that they wanted to see more passion and sex appeal in the dance., yet still scored them 31 out of 40. Before the dance, brendon said on the vt:'People get intimidated by the Rumba because it s a sexy dance but I think it is more about the storytelling.' However bruno, as well as the other judges disagreed, adding:'It was pretty it was almost balletic a wonderfully classically feel to it. 'But I like my Rumba dirty-Ignite my fire.' No raunchy rumba here:Brendan and sophie opted for a more sensual rather than matt elam jersey for sale sexy rumba A frustrated brendan interrupted, saying:'It s about intimacy I don t know what to do.' Craig Said:'I've got to agree I found it a bit cold there were moments Where you smile but that smile came away from your face without Spotting. Darcey said:'Maybe with you Sophie you have to over-Exaggerate i missed intensity and sensuality Just looks a little shy but you do create beautiful lines with your body.' Unimpressed by the comments, brendon told co-Host tess daly:'I don't want to do filthy dirty Rumba, I just wanted it to be clean and classic.' Sophie Added:'When my husband saw it in training he liked it-To be honest a Rumba is not the kind of dance you do with someone you re not married It's all about the story:Sophie and brendon wanted to tell a story with their rumba on saturday night Mark benton and iveta lukosiute-Who were saved from being in the bottom two last week were thrilled to be back. And what is more, the pair were probably ecstatic to not have been awarded the worst marks of the night for their foxtrot, which earned them 28 out of 40. Mark dedicated the dance to his wife, adding:'I want to dedicate it to Sarah, because she s been there every step of the way.' An impressed darcey said:'You always make me smile in everything you do Finding his feet:Mark and iveta performed a classic foxtrot, and entertained as always 'Your top line has improved so much only technically I would love to see more flow and travel across the dance floor Len said:'You ve been trained but never tamed there s always little cheeky moments that I like that makes me smile. 'You were like a Dalek you moved smoothly but you have got to get a bit more swing than sway.' Bruno said:'It was wonderfully theatrica. 'It is very hard to lead a foxtrot but you are always jolly and always pleasan.' Craig simply surmised:All the main movements were missing i m afraid, flow, swing and sway.


Still smiling:The pair must have been pleased to not have been awarded the worst marks of the night Coming out first on the night, and therefore possibly getting the first powerful dose of criticism was susanna reid and partner kevin clifton. Last week, susanna became the first breakfast tv presenter to have scored 39 points, for her paso doble, to which she said:'I don t think I m going to have a moment like that ever again.' However saturday night's cha cha did not provide such fruitful results. Delighted:Susanna and kevin were delighted with their dance, but the judges were not so impressed In training susanna even said:I find walking so challenging. To which kevin replied:I can see that. Their performance received a less than rapturous reaction from the judges, receiving just 31 points. Len said:'May I just say to all couples, were are getting down to the nitty-Gritty now, the standard is high and competition is close. 'Things we ve overlooked on before, we are picking up on now.' 'I thought timing was good, I liked the mix of steps, but your problem was the leg action. 'It was acceptable, it wasn t exceptional, it was good enough but has to be much crisper in future.' Bruno said:'You sell your performance like mince pies that fly off the shelves at Christmas. 'But if you do the Cha Cha again really get the hips going, otherwise well done.' Tough criticism:Susanna and kevin were probably not expecting to hear such harsh words from the judges Craig said:'I could see you were trying hard to straighten your legs, but it was all a bit mumsy darling.' Darcey summed up saying:'The boys are right it s just that technique. 'It is a difficult dance and it just wasn t Cheap Baltimore Ravens Jersey yours I m afraid' After the dance, susanna said to tess:'There s nothing wrong with being mumsy when you re got three boys?'

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