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What Should You Know About Unlocking An IPhone?

Mar 16th 2015 at 9:58 AM

When referring to unlocking an iPhone smartphone, most people believe that they talk about jailbreaking. These two terms are not exactly the same thing. When we say jailbreak, we refer to a procedure that would be done so that applications not approved by Apple would be used on the smartphone.

The confusion in understanding the terms appears because of the fact that before you use a professional service like iPhone unlocking by or similar, you will need to go through the jailbreak process. In this case we basically mean breaking a lock on the SIM card, a lock that allows the use of the iPhone only with Apple approved carriers. Unlocking allows you to choose any network. As an example, you can only use iPhones officially on AT&T and Verizon. When you unlock the smartphone, you can use the device with any other communication network.

The problem is that you cannot simply unlock the gadget without being informed as there are some associated risks. For starters, the phone can end up being damaged. The warranty will be voided after the unlock and you will not receive technical support directly from Apple after you do that. This is definitely something to take into account as you have to be sure that the person unlocking knows what he/she is doing.

The official iPhone upgrades will not be easy-to-access and cannot easily be installed after having the smartphone unlocked. The upgrade may be easy to install but that does not mean that it will work as it is supposed to.

On the bright side, the device will be functioning properly. There are basically no other effects that are unfavorable after the unlock. The phone will have exactly the same functions and features, just as before the modification happened.

In most situations, unlocking the iPhone is done by people that want to use the smartphone on another network but have a contract with another one. The individuals do not want to be transferred to a new carrier as that would lead towards higher expenses. Maintaining the current contract is the smart decision from a financial point of view.

We should also mention that frequent travelers have advantages in unlocking iPhones. Local SIM cards can be utilized during travelling to another country. Local phone charges are always going to be a lot lower than international rates. Roaming fees are usually so much higher than what you may be tempted to believe at first glance. Just make sure that you always check rates to be sure that you manage to save cash, which is one of the main reasons why you would unlock a smartphone in the first place.


These are the advantages and disadvantages of unlocking your iPhone. It is really important that you make an informed decision and that you always work with companies that have a lot of experience in order to basically guarantee that the process will be handled accordingly. A warranty for the unlock is always a good idea and you need to be sure that your phone will function properly after unlocking.

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