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Jim Hightower's Common Sense

Jul 9th 2013 at 7:36 PM
Jim Hightower's Common Sense
Big Oil's frigging frackers are wrapping their shameless profiteering in our flag. In shale fields across the country, you'll see fracking rigs festooned with Old Glory, and they even paint some of their rigs red, white, and blue. This ostentatious patriotic pose is part and parcel of the... Mothers the world over have told their children a zillion times: "Stop playing with your food!" I now share their frustration and would like to yell at the conglomerate packagers of America's victuals: "Stop playing with our food!" Actually, they're playing with our heads, using dishonest... "It goes back to the fundamentals," intoned a Wall Street analyst, "the economy is improving." Improving for whom? By "fundamentals," he means the high-flying stock market, booming corporate profits, and top executive pay. Those are signs of an economy that is top-heavy, not healthy. In ... Thank God for Congress,wholesale nba jerseys, right? When things get out of balance in America, we can always count on our legislative stalwarts to recalibrate the scales of justice. Take greed, for example. The Wall Street barons who wrecked our real economy with their greed-fueled casino games are playing th... We have a serious housing shortage in America these days, and the stress it's creating for needy families is approaching heart-attack levels. Did you know, for example, that the inventory of million-dollar homes in Carmel, California, is down to only four properties? That's a 76 percent d... Step right up, folks, and take your chances in the Amazing New American Workplace. Constantly high unemployment! Low wages always! No employee bargaining power! A corporate paradise! This paradise has enriched the already-rich investor elite and rewarded top executives with multimillion-d... Let's go "Cruzing" again! Yes, take another wild and crazy ride with me down the twisted road of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz's mind. The new darling of tea party Republicans got elected last year in part by stoking right-wing fear that the United Nations is planning to seize America's golf course... It's been nearly 50 years since poverty in America was a front-burner issue on our nation's political agenda � and it's time to move it up again. Even as those at the top of our society have grown fabulously richer in the past decade,Andrew Luck T shirts, those in the economic middle have seen incomes stagnat... Anyone who says that America has lost its innovative edge in technology and manufacturing has not chugged a can of Bud recently. The buzz is back, baby! Well, actually, Budweiser is no longer American. It's now a Belgian outfit, owned by InBev, the world's largest maker of suds. But picky... Harrell's hardware, located near my home in Austin, Texas, is the opposite of a big-box chain store. It's an un-chained, small-box store with a knowledgeable staff willing to help customers figure out how to do most any project. Harrell's slogan is: "Together, we can do it yourself." I bo...
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