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Fit Over 40

Jun 23rd 2012 at 9:50 PM

You have no reference thirties and sports ...

The first tip is to run well ... to be well shod. A good pair of shoes for training on the road and through the woods, comfortable, with excellent cushioning and stability, is essential. So you will read with interest supplement our "Special Shoes" that accompanies this issue. Then, shorts or shorts and tights, gloves and hat when cold are part of the basic equipment of the rider. The first training to be a contact, so you should alternate jogging and walking as soon as your breath will become difficult to control. Specifically: 2 minutes of running, then a minute walk, and so on, for half an hour. However if you are in trouble after a quarter of an hour, it does not matter, you have the time to gradually adapt to this effort, week after week, there is no hurry. The key is to persevere and keep your desire to do well.
You can make your second workout of the week, two to three days after your debut, conducting the same way and trying to hold 5 to 10 minutes. Above all, make a habit of making from 10 to 15 minute warm up, run very slowly, take time to breathe without saccades (see our topic page devoted to breathing 30). Then you can go a little faster, but never enough to leave you breathless Fit Over 40, you should not feel tired, especially during the first week.
Two weekly workouts for four weeks, may be enough to see your progress in endurance and can then proceed to the next step, running further and make some very brief accelerations during your second month. The third month, you can toggle an endurance session and a session of accelerations varied, always after you are well warmed up and after some stretching movements.

Or you just came from another sport and are in excellent shape
Getting started in running should not cause you any problems, you might consider three weekly sessions in the first month. Is an endurance session from 30 to 45 minutes, a session with some acceleration ribs which lasts for an hour but with pauses Markets, and another session in endurance in kind. The second month, you keep your three sessions per week, with a little more pace (acceleration) and resistance work (90 to 95% of Maximum Heart Rate), with control over your heart. For your third month of training, you will adopt a balanced program, with possibly a fourth session in endurance, depending on your motivation and your goal. First competition of 10 km could be a test of departure.

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