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Characteristic of the Post-Apocalyptic Campaign Setting in D20 games

May 21st 2015 at 4:55 AM

The d 20 modern role playing game has rulebook, a framework or guide which is in the form of a 96-page softcover supplement and are known as D20 apocalypse. The general ways that the modern world will experience an apocalypse is mentioned which further includes religious eschatology, current science, and popular fiction. It further includes, an environmental disaster, alien invasion, nuclear war, plague, and supernatural disaster.

A brief description, outlines the scenario and also tells its particular effect on the setting. Some of its best examples include a comparison between plague and nuclear war scenario. The amount of radiation dangers and physical damages to the infrastructure will not be the same in the plague as the nuclear war.

Now if we consider the post-apocalyptic setting it is further explained on the basis of the amount of time which has passed since the event. These varying amounts of time are further divided into four distinct eras:


The event has the after effects going on and the survivor can recall the world before the event

Generation 0

Here the first and second generation born reaches the maturity level. The elders recall their distant childhood memories of the world before the event.

Dark Ages

In this era almost a dozen of generation has passed since the event and so all the history before the event is considered as a myth.

New World

Here the civilization has developed again and so the setting remains barbaric and dangerous, but more wide-ranging governments and social structures exist.

As per the wealth system in modern D20 Campaign Settings the barter system is brought in use. Also, the modern setting has certain items like ammunition that are worth more than they would be in functioning society.  The electronic entertainment are worthless in this modern society. Also the barter system has all the items as per their relative value in the Post-Apocalyptic Campaign Setting, which makes use of Trade Units in place of dollars or Wealth DCs.

The D20 Apocalypse includes three sample campaign models which provide additional rules and setting material for each model. The models included are:

Atomic Sunrise

The atomic sunrise is basically inspired by Mad max and are a distinctive post-apocalyptic setting

Earth Inherited

In this model we can see the warring factions like angels and devils in a post-rapture settingthus following a supernatural disaster.

Plague World

In the plague world the post war setting is seen which follows a failed alien invasion, including a mutagen affecting aliens, humans and animals alike.

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