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Casinos in the airspace at flight

May 14th 2013 at 3:41 AM

This week, two French designer has finally finalized the idea of a casino on board and figured out how passengers can while away the time playing your favorite casino games, rather than suffer in small chairs. Casino certainly is not the original idea of French, because they wanted to improve the service and entertainment component of flight: film screenings on airplanes, upgrade to a spacious suite, expand the range of alcohol on board, well, then to add a casino.

casino avia

"We want to bring back a piece of glamor 50th 60th years", - said Frederick Hussard, founder of Designescence. "About what you see in the movies, James Bond, we want to make this a reality."

Hussard works in conjunction with a colleague from AirJet Designs, Jean-Pierre Alfano. So far Hussard and Alfano formally signed contracts with any of the airlines, but the concept is promising, and thus the casino on board the aircraft may soon become a reality.

"When you're on a 14-hour flight, even if you are sitting in the business class, the only thing you can do is eat, drink, watch movies on your mobile device and go to sleep," - said Alfano. "Our project CasinoJet Lounge is not just a bar, or the idea of entertainment. We see it as a place for social activity. "

With the development of online gambling, many passengers have already thought about playing online casino, through their portable devices. On some airlines already have wireless Internet Wi-Fi, it is theoretically possible to have a casino to play on board the aircraft. The problem is that in some countries online gambling prohibited, such as in the U.S.. That is, you take off from Moscow, playing quietly, and then closer to the U.S. will be forced to finish the play. Therefore, a new concept of French designers will play anytime, anywhere, and even live that adds excitement.

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May 15th 2013 at 2:19 AM by lelena
Very interesting and informative!

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