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Your Rights And Your ESA

Aug 12th 2015 at 1:02 PM

Animals, especially those that are domesticated and trained, are cuddly and cute. But for some places, such as airplanes and housing, you are not allowed to bring them for possible problems, such as eliminating wastes, which may disturb other people or cause damage to properties. However, these policies can be overturned.

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All you have to do is to qualify for an emotional support animal letter, which mean that you have to be emotionally disabled in order to bring your support animals on the plane and on a residence with no-pet policies.

A Flight With Your ESA

Airlines typically do not allow animals to be with the passengers on board. When you bring along your pets, they are kept in the cargo in the duration of the flight. And typically, you are charged with a particular fee for bringing them. However, when you have the right documentation of your disability stating that you need your emotional support animal, not only will your support animal be allowed to sit with you onboard, but you will not be charged to additional fees.

However, this special permission comes with conditions. One of which is to keep your support animal from obstructing aisles and all emergency evacuation areas. Some unusual support animals, such as snakes and spiders, may cause public concerns and may not be allowed in some airlines. Some airlines do not allow a support animal in training to be with the passenger.

Living With Your ESA

There are some housing agencies that have a strict policy on having animals or pets in place. Some even have emphasis on the kind of animal, breed, size and weight. However, with an authentic emotional support animal letter, a tenant can nullify this policy and are allowed to have support animals of any kind to live with them.

When you are legally allowed to have an emotional support animal with all the documents that are needed to present, you must be fully aware of the scope of your rights. With such, you should know that your landlords cannot ask for a fee because your support animals are not your pets. They should not require that your support animals are trained. And most importantly, they cannot refuse accommodation to you and your support animal. When the landlords fail to comply with the law, you can file a complaint against them for discrimination.

However, you are responsible to pay for the damages that your support animal will cause to the properties. At the same time, the landlords can evict you when you can’t control the behavior of your support animals.

An emotional support animal letter can provide you a number of benefits with airlines and housing agencies. But as the person handling the support animal at the same time, you are also responsible for the events involving them.

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