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Feb 24th 2011 at 2:35 PM

Hi Denis Lacourciere,

This month, we're urging you to take action on Bill 125 to regulate the keeping of exotic animals. We bring you an update on our work in Brazil from WSPA's disaster management team. We also have two wonderful bear stories. Three bears were rescued from brutal bear baiting events and are now at our Balkasar sanctuary, and two sloth bear cubs were rescued from a cruel life of bear dancing.

Three more bears rescued from bear baiting

Bhoori, 10 years old, rescued from bear baiting - Photo Credit: WTI

WSPA member society Bioresource Research Center (BRC) has rescued three more bears from the Layyah district, Punjab in Pakistan!

All three bears, Leela (8 yrs old), Kaali (5 yrs old) and Bhoori (10 yrs old), carry the scars of bear baiting—an event where 2,000 spectators assemble to watch a tethered and clawless bear set upon by trained fighting dogs.

The bears are now residing at the newly opened WSPA funded Balkasar Bear Sanctuary where they will spend the rest of their lives free from the pain and suffering they previously endured.

As for the owners, all three accepted an alternative livelihood package—they were given a general store to run and their children will receive an education. So not only are these bears rescued, we can be sure that the owners will not have to revert back to bear baiting.

Read more about WSPA's work to end this cruel blood sport >>

Brazil disaster relief

Serge checks on a dog in Brazil's flood-ravaged areas.

Dr. Sérgio Vasquez, one of WSPA's specialists in disaster management checks on a dog in Brazil's flood-ravaged areas.

Thank you to everyone who has already donated to help the animal victims of devastating floods in Brazil.

Thousands of dogs and cats in Brazil have been left homeless, injured and starving in the wake of the country's most deadly floods and mudslides to date. A WSPA disaster relief team is on the ground now bringing desperately needed relief to these animals.

Many companion animals were injured and separated from their families when the floods struck, and others were abandoned as people fled. All were left without food and water.

WSPA's disaster relief team is currently helping animals in the worst hit areas, the towns of Teresópolis and Nova Friburgo. Our teams have been hard at work providing food, veterinary care and shelter to animals found wandering, trapped and abandoned.

For more information, please visit the Animals in Disasters blog.

Donate to WSPA's disaster relief fund >>

New report: Wild Neighbours

Support Bill 125

WSPA hopes that a new report Wild Neighbours: The Safety and Security of Ontario's Wildlife in Captivity Facilities will shine a light on the safety risks associated with keeping wild animals as pets and in zoos. The report published by WSPA and member society Zoocheck Canada is based on a review conducted last year which found potentially dangerous animals behind weak fences, low barriers and unlocked gates.

Thank you to everyone who has already sent a letter to support Bill 125. Please share this link with your friends in Ontario.

If you live in Ontario, take action and Support Bill 125, Ontario MPP Dave Levac's bill to regulate the keeping of exotic wildlife.

Take action now >>

Bear cubs rescue

sloth bears rescued from bear dancing - Photo Credit: WTI

On January 22nd, WSPA led an undercover operation in Orissa, India with our member society, Wildlife Trust of India (WTI) and the local police to save two sloth bears from a cruel life of bear dancing. Thanks to WTI, these cubs will not have to endure the painful practice of having their nose or palate pierced and a rope passed through the wound as means to control them and make them dance.

This successful operation also led to the arrest of the two traders that were attempting to sell the cubs into the illegal trade. No more bears will suffer at their hands.

Learn more about bear dancing >>

Victory for hens and WSPA's Choose Cage Free campaign

Choose Cage Free

York University and Humber College started 2011 compassionately by choosing cage-free eggs for all food services they operate. The more than 150,000 eggs cracked each year at these schools will now come from hens that have the freedom to move and stretch their wings—affecting the welfare of more than 600 hens!

Does your school or favourite restaurant still use eggs from caged hens? Does your local grocery store sell cage-free eggs? You can help WSPA convince more schools, governments, restaurants and supermarkets to switch to cage-free eggs. Find out how to help or email us for materials and information to start a cage-free campaign at your school or in your community.

Meet the animals WSPA helped in 2010

WSPA's 2010 AchievementsCheck out our 2010 achievements video and see firsthand how the hard working WSPA staff and our loyal donors helped save so many animals.

Join the WSPA Animal Rescue Team as a monthly donor. It's the best way to ensure we have the ongoing support needed for these life-saving programs.

If you're already a member of our Animal Rescue Team thank you for your dedication and support! If you're not a member and would like to learn more please visit our Website.

Your gift will help rescue, care for and protect even more animals in 2011.

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Jul 1st 2015 at 9:15 PM by santinomarcus
The WSPA disaster management team is performing a very noble job for animals.I like the way they are serving without any rest. visit :
Feb 24th 2011 at 9:45 PM by deewest
Great Article .. Great Work saving the Animals Looks like you are doing a lot of Awesome Work Thank you Dee

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