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When Your Cat Won’t Stop Vomiting

Apr 13th 2015 at 10:28 PM

One quality that makes cats wonderful pets is that they take care of a lot of their own maintenance, leaving you to enjoy their purring and cuddling without doing much upkeep. But when your pet is vomiting, you aren’t just concerned about the extra mess you have to clean up. This behavior signals a problem, particularly when it happens on a regular basis. It’s important to explore possible causes and take steps to remedy the issue.

There is not one clear answer to the question of why your cat is vomiting frequently. It may be rooted in your pet’s food, especially if you’re using a brand that contains “rendered protein” – that which is found in the leftover bits of slaughtered animals but not approved for human consumption. This can include eyes, feathers, hooves, skin, and any other part of the carcass that can be salvaged. Your cat may have a hard time digesting food that is primarily made up of this type of animal matter, causing her to vomit. Felines can also develop allergies to their food, particularly if they’re fed the same thing day after day. Even picky eaters need some variety in their diets, and you may need to force the issue if you find that your pet is displaying normal behavior and energy but is vomiting frequently. Rotating your cat’s food every few months can prevent allergies from developing.

Cats may also vomit if they get too many treats or eat too fast. You want to spoil your pet, but you’re not doing her any favors if the treats you serve are of low quality. She should also never be given milk; her digestive system isn’t designed to break down the sugars found in cow’s milk. Always check the labels on treats you serve your pet, and try discontinuing them if vomiting occurs. If you notice your cat wolfing down food, try imposing some portion control and feeding more frequently. In a household with multiple cats, you may need to feed each in a separate, closed room to prevent competition that can lead to gobbling.

Felines groom themselves, so it’s inevitable that they’ll swallow hair, which is not digestible and can build up in the gastrointestinal tract rather than passing through. If you’re finding hairballs, you can take steps to help your cat avoid this issue by brushing her frequently and adding fiber to her diet.

Vomiting can also signal a more serious issue. If you’ve eliminated the aforementioned causes as reasons for your cat’s vomiting, it’s probably time for a visit to your vet.

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Nancy has a deep love of animals and talks and writes about them regularly. She is a huge animal rights advocate. Read her thoughts at

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