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Training Your Dog to Come.

Jun 3rd 2011 at 10:08 AM

Everyone of us would like to be able to Train Our Dog To Come.


Well with clicker training it is super easy to train a dog to come when called.


It is very easy to train dogs to come and here is my method.


First you will need the longest lead or leash you can find.  You will need you Mechanical Clicker and your dogs favorite treats.


You will need to be outside to do this dog training.


Now that you are outside the dog training can begin.


To train your dog to come let the dog run and explore the area, then call the dog’s name and say  for example “Ginger Come” once will be good enough if she or she doesn’t come on the first call say it again “Ginger Come” (do not repeat over and over). When the dog comes to you click your clicker and treat.


Repeat the above until the dog comes on one call and appears to have the idea that he or she should come when called. 


15 minutes is good enough for this dog training session, we don’t want to bore the dog.


The next day or a few hours later if you are excited that the dog has come, then you can do the last step in this training.  Training Your Dog to Come and Sit. 


You are going to put your dog on the long leash or lead, and once again let him or her run off to explore or play.   Once her or she is off playing or exploring then you are going to say the dog's name and come “Ginger Come” (remember once is good, do not repeat yourself over and over) when the dog comes to you this time you wait until you has his full attention, show him or her the treat and hold it above his or her head or nose and wait until the dog sits then you click your Mechanical Clicker and treat, and give your dog big praises and lots of hugs and kisses.  Your once disobedient dog is now coming when called.   


Repeat the above for about 15 minutes as we don’t want to bore the dog.


Once you feel that your dog is getting the hang of coming to you when called and sitting waiting for the treat.  You can try the above without the leash.  Make sure the area is somewhere that the dog cannot get into no trouble or hurt and keep on training the dog until he fully understands come means to stop what you are doing come to me and sit.


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