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These 5 Small Animals Make Great Pets

Aug 5th 2015 at 12:02 AM

Many rodents make excellent pets. Five rodents you might consider for your next pets are rats, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs and chinchillas.

If you need companionship for yourself or a child, you may be considering getting a pet. People who live in smaller homes, have very busy schedules and/or just do not have the time to entertain a dog or clean up after a cat should consider an easy-to-care for rodent.

For many, the very word rodent conjures up images of gnashing, snarling rats. That would be enough to turn them off of the notion of owning such a pet. The truth is, though, many rodents—rats included—make excellent pets.

One of the chief reasons rats make such great pets is that they easily entertain themselves and this can be fun to watch. Rats are inquisitive, friendly and prone to mischief, but this mischief can be contained simply with a cage designed specifically for this use. Furthermore, feeding rats is as easy as placing nutritious snacks on a bowl and keeping a feeder bottle filled with fresh, clean water.

Hamsters are another excellent small pet choice. Fluffy, friendly and generally delightful, these cute balls of fur are sure to capture the hearts of young and old alike. Placing a few toys in a suitable cage ensures that your hamsters will get plenty of exercise and this translates to hours of fun observation, for kids especially.

Gerbils are among the prettiest of the small pets you might consider. Their dewy, coal point eyes can be quite engaging, and their inquisitive nature can create a sense of friendship between them and their owners.

Guinea pigs make delightful pets, too. Larger than most pet rodents, guinea pigs are perfect for smaller children who understand the importance of treating all creatures gently and kindly. Available in a wide array of colors and hair lengths, these adorable creatures make pleasant gibbering conversation and can be taken outside for grass time so long as they are kept in an enclosure and protected through constant observation.

Chinchillas may be the most tempting pets for people who appreciate beauty and delicate appearances. Close to the size of a guinea pig, chinchillas must be treated even more gently. Native to the Andes Mountains, these pets must be kept in cool, climate-controlled situations. If you cannot ensure cooler comfort for a chinchilla, you should consider opting for another type of rodent.

Regardless of the rodent you choose, be sure to include comfortable bedding, water and food in their habitat. Largely social, these small pets thrive when they are kept in small groups of two or more.

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