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The Best Way To Deal With Squirrels

Nov 3rd 2015 at 4:48 AM

Different strategies and techniques for dealing with a squirrel problem. Ideas for both outdo or and indoor issues for individuals needing to get rid of a squirrel.

For most people, having squirrels in the yard or garden isn’t a big deal. They are furry, cute critters that typically stay out of the way and do their own thing. Squirrels can often be fun to watch as they skitter about and act kind of nutty.

However, not every homeowner or business is fond of the squirrel. In the process of gathering food and find shelter, some squirrels can be downright nuisances. For gardeners, these animals often nibble or eat flowers. For homeowners, lawns can be damaged with holes or patio furniture chewed on. Building a fancy new deck is great – until a squirrel begins gnawing on the food. People who love building or purchasing birdfeeders may find the birds aren’t the ones getting the food. This is where squirrels taking up residence can cause an issue.

The good news is that squirrels can be managed. There are some ways to protect trees and gardens by putting up netting, fencing or wire mesh. Trees that aren’t connected can have sheet metal placed around the base to keep the squirrels from being able to get a grip on the bark and climb up. This is a temporary solution and the metal should be removed when the squirrels have moved on to easier to climb areas.

When it comes to gardens, consider chicken wire as an option to protect the flowers. Also, look into purchasing followers that squirrels dislike, such as daffodils. There are squirrel repellents available that flower bulbs can be soaked in before planting.

If the idea is to protect the deck or patio furniture, look into capsaicin-based repellents. These products are not skin friendly so use caution. However, it is an avenue that might save these outdoor decorations.

The problem might become more urgent if the animal is actually loose within an attic or building. The first step is to attempt to get the squirrel to leave on its own. Close all interior doors and leave one exterior one open. Give the critter a few moments alone to discover the way back outside. Don’t approach the animal unless it is necessary. If more encouragement is needed put on some heavy gloves and attempt to capture it in a blanket and humanely place it back outside.

Be cautious when looking into and purchasing any type of repellant. Some of these chemicals are harmful to other types of wildlife and can cause surface damage. If uncertain about what to use and whether or not it’s necessary, experts can be called for advice and help. Visit this website to find a company that specializes in squirrel control in Raleigh.

Author Bio-:

David has over 10 years of experience dealing with Pest Control situations. You can find his thoughts at pest talk blog on Wordpress.

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