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Doggy Dan | obediencedogtrainers

Puppy Trainers: Toilet Training Your New Puppy

Aug 19th 2011 at 12:08 AM

As a pet owner, it is your liability to give training for your new pup. A lesson of major importance that has to be learnt by your new puppy would be to stop urinating within your home. This is particularly essential if you have a dog that you will be keeping indoors. For this, you will have to provide him the toilet training he must master this skill. Luckily, there are a number of puppy trainers that can help you with this.

A puppy is like a newborn baby, in the sense that it goes whenever it has to. When you have employed dog behavior trainers, they will bring your puppy outside before he has to pee. This is a particular skill that your new puppy will have to master. When he is able to master this, he will remember that he needs to go outside whenever he has to go to the toilet.

Puppy trainers can help you with this. In order to train your pup toilet training, they will designate a certain area which your puppy will be utilizing as his toilet. When your puppy has gotten used to this area, he will scratch the door so he can go out. You will have to look out for this behavior because if you ignore it, your pup might pee inside the house. When this happens, the training that dog behavior trainers have provided him will be useless. You will need to start from scratch until he completely gets to learn this ability.

When you are going to toilet train your pet, you have to arrange some goodies for him. Once he does it properly, you will provide him a praise and a treat. Later on, he will keep doing it for the reason that he has received encouragement from you for his actions. This is the best way you can train your pup.

You have to remember that your young puppy has a very small bladder. For this reason, he will not be in a position to hold his bladder for very long. He might even require to go every 30 minutes. For this reason you should be on the lookout for any indicators that he is about to pee. Also, when your puppy finishes eating, he will normally have to go after 60 seconds. For this, you should bring him outside so he can do his deed. It is also recommended that you bring your pup outside the second they wake up, as it is normal behavior for dogs to toilet first thing.

Effective puppy trainers will also associate a word to the action. When you utter this word on your puppy, he will get to know what it means. If your puppy accidentally pees inside the house, you should never rub your puppy’s nose against it. Your puppy will not get to know this and he will not know that he did something wrong. Instead, he will do it in a different place where you won’t see him.

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Sep 3rd 2011 at 6:50 PM by GTBulmer
Hi, Dan: Thanks for this doggy info. We don't have any pets, other than wild birds and other creatures, but we do see neighbourhood dogs in our yard regularly. I love animals (but not what these puppies leave behind) so I always try to frighten them and chase them away so they don't think this is a friendly place. But I would never harm them! (Soft heart. lol) GT :-)

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