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Proper Care of Your Fish: Changing the Pond Water

Jul 6th 2010 at 12:38 PM

Proper Care of Your Fish: Changing the Pond Water

Water inside a fish pond is the most important factor
that an owner has to look out for. Inhabitants and
plants living inside the water depend on its
cleanliness to survive. If you are a very busy person,
and the only available day that you have is once every
week, you have to improvise something that'll keep
your pond from being soiled. That is why you have to
allot a portion of your free time in changing the pond
water even once a week to assure that your fishes are
properly cared for.

Remove the water, partially

You could either choose to remove your fishes from
your pond and put them in a container while draining
the entire water content of your pond or partially
remove the water and clean the pond while your fishes
are still in it. Your choice. But, the most advisable
thing to do is remove partially the water content to
refrain the fishes from becoming unfamiliar to the
temperature of their new environment. This may cause
your fishes to get sick.

By using a siphon or pump, remove only a portion of
the pond water, while you're at it, don't forget to
remove decaying vegetation, other debris and fallen
leaves. You don't want these things to stay inside
your pond because they tend to decompose and foul the
water which can promote diseases to the fish.

Inspect the equipments

Make sure that while the level of water is still low,
you allow yourself to inspect each and every equipment
that's suspended under water for damage or wear.
Include pumps, lights, liners, filter, connections,
tubing and cables that are involved. If there are
things that need repair and replacement, don't
hesitate to finish the job. It would ruin your
relaxation days if you have to fix everything instead
of sipping a cup of your favorite cold drink.

Try to check the following:

Pumps - scrutinize for damages which can result to
intake blockage, electrical shock, or oil leakage. As
necessary, you should open the pump and inspect the

Tubes - inspect for rupture, stiffness or a kinked
status. Constrictions like these can affect the flow
of water in waterfalls, fountains, or filters.
Therefore, these aerators can't work effectively as
you would expect it to be.

Pond liner - be on the look-out for punctures or small
tears that needs patching. If evidences of larger
degradation or damage are present, this indicates that
upgrading or replacement should be done.

Electric cords - pay attention to surface cracks or
frays. If not taken care of, this can cause hazardous
shock that can affect both humans and fishes.

Filter - clean this to eliminate visible debris that
cause reduction of breakdown or flow of
algae-promoting substances.

Fishes - examine your fishes if there are any signs of
swollen abdomens, blotches or wounds. These conditions
should be treated immediately. If you have no idea on
how to deal with these, take the injured fishes to a
vet for further checkup.

Refill your pond

This can't be done in one sitting. Refilling your pond
may take some time or even overnight. It's like
refilling a swimming pool, or at least half of it.

Proper care of your fishes' health always depend on
the water inside your pond which serves as their home.


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