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Proper Care for your fishpond (Building your fishpond)

Jul 6th 2010 at 12:34 PM

Building and Proper Care For Your Fish Pond

You can enhance the beauty of your garden by having a
fish pond. Not all individuals have beautiful gardens
and if you're blessed to have one, you can still make
it more charming by adding or installing a fish pond.
Building a fish pond may seem very easy but you must
also remember that you would have to exercise proper
care for your fish pond as well.

If you have a pond in your garden, you will notice
that the family and guests will love to spend most of
their time there. Your kids can also have fun near the
pond during their vacant hours. Entertaining guests
will also be easier for you with a terrific sight

Building a pond requires careful planning. It takes
time and effort. You must consider the whole garden
before you start digging a hole. When was the time you
held a shovel in your hands? Or perhaps you haven't
even held one. That's why you need to carefully plan
the location of the plan because you can't afford to
waste time and energy if in case you suddenly found
out that you don't like the location.

Choose a permanent spot for the fish pond. Remember
that the pond can affect the overall look of the
garden so the location should be the best and the most
appropriate. Remember that the pond's location should
be at the middle or highest elevation. You can't
possibly afford having a pond that's flooded when
heavy rains occur and besides, the fishes might get
out of the pond and get killed. Another important
thing that you should remember is to never place a
pond near a deciduous tree. Deciduous trees shed
leaves almost everyday and so, it can instantly
pollute the pond if you don't remove the tree debris
everyday. You also have to determine the size of the
pond and it should be proportional to the garden's
size. You can also choose among different shapes for
the pond like rectangular, oval, square, etc. but just
keep in mind that it is symmetrical and even out.
Oftentimes, the size and shape of the pond depends on
the kind of fish and water plants that you plan to put
in it.

The pond should also be placed in a location where
there is direct sunlight so that the plants and fishes
are kept healthy.

So you see, there are various factors involved in
building the pond. But wait, after building the pond,
you will now take good care of the pond to maintain
its beauty. You can't just leave the pond because
soon, the fishes and water plants might die because of
pollution. Regular cleaning and proper fish feeding
are some of your responsibilities. You must so to it
that you do your responsibilities to keep the pond
healthy and flourishing. Healthy fishes mean that the
pond is properly cared for by the owners. You can
attract more visitors to spend time near the pond if
it is clean and beautiful.

Building a pond requires a lot of time and effort and
so is caring for it. So before you start building a
pond, you have to ask yourself - can I handle the
responsibilities of owning a pond? If your answer is
yes, go ahead with the project. Now, you can expect a
more peaceful garden with the addition of the water


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Jul 30th 2010 at 9:35 AM by ChuckBartok
Oh, another tip form a Novice at the Fishpond business. Don't try to kill algae with dilution of Clorox.... Had 3 of my favorite baby KOI go kaput! Now use a "algae inhibitor. 14 Drops a week
Jul 27th 2010 at 3:34 AM by philjansen
Please check out my other related articles about fishponds. Thank you. God Bless!
Jul 6th 2010 at 2:56 PM by zeus8894
Plant choice for a garden pond is also vital, a mistake I saw too many make when I worked Law and Garden for Wal-Mart. Especially in hot areas like here in Yuma, you need to choose a few shady plants and plan on a deeper are surrounded by them because too rapid of a change in temperature can kill your fish. They go into shock very easy and trust us to provide a deeper, cooler, shaded spot in the pond. Another great post my friend.

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