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Pet Care
Ross Taylor | mountpleasantvet

Mount Pleasant Vet Center Lists Out Symptoms of Pet Illnesses

Jan 13th 2015 at 11:20 PM

Since studies proved that pets can actually help in reducing stress and tension, more and more people are opting for pets in their homes. But not all people are well aware of the problems and illnesses that pets face. These problems when ignored for a long time could cause serious complications to the health of the pet. Thus, it is very important for pet owners to understand when their pet might be ill and might need medical care.

Mount Pleasant Vet Center lists out a few symptoms which people should look out for in their pets to avoid any health complications:


  1. Behavioral Changes: Pet owners are well aware of the habits and behavior of their pets and any visible changes in the behavior of the pet should be a matter of concern for them. Change in behavior generally means that the pet is unwell and is facing some problem. These changes may include lack of interest in any activity, lethargy, restlessness, irritability etc. In such cases it is advisable to take the pet to the veterinarian to ward off any doubts of serious illnesses.
  2. Lost Appetite: Sometimes when the pets are ill they also lose their appetite. Of course every time a pet does not eat enough does not mean that it is ill. It could also lose it appetite due to other reasons like having eaten something between meals or food that it doesn’t enjoy. But if you notice that the pet does not show any enthusiasm towards feeding over a long period of time, then the pet should be taken to a veterinary center immediately. There are many vet after hour emergency clinics in Singapore who help people with pets even at late hours.
  3. Does Not Drink Water: In case a pet does not drink water, this should be taken more seriously as most animals need lots of water. So if a pet refuses to drink water then it might be very ill and might need immediate medical attention as not drinking enough water could cause dehydration which would be dangerous for the animal.
  4. Limping: If there is a sudden change in the way the pet moves or in case it has become inactive or winces when being picked or moved, chances are that either it has been injured or has some disease of the bone joints. There are many vet orthopaedic clinics in Singapore which have good diagnostic tools and highly experienced doctors who are well versed in curing the orthopedic diseases faced by animals.
  5. Fever: Like humans, fever in pet means that they are also suffering from some illness. The nose of a pet should always be cold and moist. In case it feels warm, this means that the pet is ill and needs immediate attention of a veterinarian.

These symptoms would be extremely helpful for pet owners to tell when their pets might be ill and would need medical care.

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