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Keeping Your Dog Out of the Garbage and Other Places He Doesn't Belong

Dec 2nd 2015 at 9:45 PM

Dogs are naturally curious, and they’re prone to boredom, which can be a dangerous combination. Not only does their curiosity get them into trouble, but putting their nose where it doesn’t belong can actually be dangerous. Here are some tips from a professional animal hospital on keeping your pooch out of the garbage and other places that he doesn’t belong.

The garbage

The garbage can is the Holy Grail to a dog. It’s full of all kinds of interesting smells, textures, and morsels, but there’s nothing more annoying than returning home to find out your pooch has toppled the garbage can. There are also things in the garbage that can be harmful to your pet, which is why it’s so important to keep your pup away from the trash.

The easiest way to do this is to place the garbage can in a closet or in a cabinet. Unfortunately, some garbage cans are a bit too big to tuck away. In this case, make sure that you have a can with a lid that closes securely. You can also place a large rock or other heavy item in the bottom of the bin so that it can’t be tipped over easily.

The garden

Dogs love rooting around in the garden. This puts your plants at risk of shriveling and dying, but some plants can actually poisonous to your pet. That’s why keeping him out of your garden areas is so important.

Putting up a fence is a great way to keep your dog away. Even simple chicken wire is a great solution.

Dogs don’t like spicy stuff, and they don’t like bitter stuff. Surrounding your garden with spices, like dried mustard and pepper flakes, and bitter things, like coffee grounds and orange peels, will keep canines at bay. Even placing poky things around the garden can help keep pets away.

The furniture

Dogs can be rough on furniture, which causes many pet parents to leave their pooches on the floor. To ensure that your pup doesn’t jump up on the couch while you’re gone, put him in a kennel.

For help keeping your pets care away from other areas in and around your home, visit with your local animal hospital.

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